Monday, July 16, 2007

the patent leather shoe

like any other young girl in America, growing up i had a pair of black, patent leather mary-janes. of course they were my favorite pair of shoes and being the independent kid that i was, i decided that they went with anything (and i mean ANYTHING!).. paired with pajamas for sunday morning pancakes.. with my ball gowns as the quintessential dress-up accessory.. and they put the finishing touches on my favorite preschool outfit: plaid kilt, spandex, and white lacy socks. (i don't know about the socks, but i certainly had something going with the spandex.. a trend-setter at such a young age! too bad i was about 20 years early on that one.. or a few years late, depending on if you compare it to the 80s or today). anyway you look at it.. my black patent mary-janes were my staple shoe and they went everywhere with me. as i've grown older my patent leather shoes have evolved from mary janes to heels and peep toe pumps, and the tales these shoes could tell become more and more interesting.

nowadays i have two patent leather pumps: a pair of Nine West, peep-toe, red patent mary jane heels, and they are absolutely adorable! yet, a bit more sophisticated than mj's those previously mentioned. the other. a standard, BCBG black patent pump that have escorted me to a number of soirées and have quite a few stories to tell. but i doubt there's anybody out there in the land of shoes that didn't start off their collection, at a very young age, with a pair of black patent mary-janes.

i have a shoe fetish/passion/obsession.. anyway you look at it, i love shoes! feel free to tell me about your favorite pair and some stories behind them!