Sunday, December 16, 2007

a flip flop worth buying

like many other fashionistas, i don't quite follow the flip flop trend. it's like copping out on your feet. other than the beach or the pool, there is not much room for flip flop wear. if you're wearing a sundress pair it with sandals (jack rogers are a favorite of mine). pants? sandals or flats always work.

but, i must say.. i was pleasantly surprised walking downtown to class the other day when i was stopped in my tracks by a pair of flip flops. yes, flip flops! adorable orange and pink tory burch flip flops with a little gold medallion. of course they didn't have my size. so, frustrated, i left the store and called my mom to tell her about my incredible find. obviously she already saw them on the tory burch web site. priced at $45 they are already sold-out online and clearly hard to find in store. are they worth $45? debateable. they are uber cute, with detailed soles and a gold medallion to spice up the look.. hmm, that may be $45 i am willing to dish out.

they come in a variety of colors as you can see in the picture. while i'm not personally a fan of flip flops in general, i believe that this shoe deserves a second look. call me a brand-whore if you will.. but this is one beach thong i can see myself flipping and flopping in.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

international recognition

to any fashionista that adore shoes as much as the next... you MUST pick up this book.

shoes.. a celebration of pumps, sandals, slippers & more by linda o'keefe

a good friend of mine is studying in egypt and sent it all the way back to america for moi!! i will be picking shoes of the day from this incredible collection. as well as words of wisdom behind the remarkable shoe. there are pieces of history in here with fantastic pictures and descriptions.

so, to start us off.. a personal favorite:
section: the sensible shoe.
description: nonskid driving shoes worn by european sports car aficionados inspired italian desgner diego della valle to create j.p. tod's in 1979. the sole and heel of these quirky unisex moccasins are embedded with rubber pebbles designed to grip car pedals. made in more than 100 colors, tod's have become the status shoe of the '90s, favored by the fit and the fabulous.

although i didn't own my first pair of tod's until the 21st century, i would hardly call my interest dated. tod's has been expanding and growing with a wonderful line of handbags and leather accessories. of course, the driving moc is the staple tod's product and it comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. i highly recommend this uber comfortable shoes both in the car and out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

who am i

i have been called a northern jersey socialite, but i am a jersey girl at heart.
my favorite cocktail is a bellini, but i'm always down for an ice cold beer.
i think the hamptons are exquisite, but the jersey shore always guarantees a good time.
i buy designer clothes, but i always shop for a bargain.
i play golf & tennis at the country club, but i couldn't make it through the winter without going to a hockey game and seeing a fight.
i am the most optimistic person you will ever meet, but i believe in making realistic decisions.
i am catholic, but i consider myself spiritual and not religious.
i am very tall, but i wear heels almost everyday.

i may seem like a very conflicted person, but i know exactly who i am.

i am driven and goal-oriented.
if there is an opportunity, i do everything in my power to take advantage of it.
i believe in making the most out of things, and getting what you deserve.

i don't like to fit into stereotypes.
and i like to pleasantly surprise people.

i decide on what i am going to drink based on my outfit.
i often laugh at my computer screen and the other people in the room have no idea why.
i have every color sharpie, in three different tips.
i am unusually skilled at announcing wiffle ball games at the beach.
i rearrange letters and numbers on license plates to give them meaning.
if i was a symbol, i would be the fleur-de-lis.
if i was an animal, i would be the panther.