Friday, February 13, 2009

luscious lacquers

i recently painted my nails, can you guess it? don't know jacques! i still love this color and can hardly get enough of it.. beyond its versatility (in every sense of the term) its such an eye-catching color that pops.

but i like to change things up a bit, so when i go for a change i tend to lean towards my color of the season, my present favorite.. purple! or more specifically, an eggplant/aubregine tone.

a few years back I had a slight fetish with the essie polish "sole mate" was a fab color. a perfect "mate" for my tootsies!

so, when i recently went looking for a purple polish i came across my old, nearly empty bottle of sole mate. sadly, it was not usable. and so i was on the hunt. let me tell you what i found.. "we'll always havd paris" by opi.

i just fancy the wide brush on opi bottles, thus this color was an instant hit in my book!

it's not as dark as "lincoln park after dark" so it doesn't come off as almost black. you can really appreciate the rich red and blue undertones of this eggplant purple lacquer.

try it for yourself and don't forget to post your comments!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

stamp, trademark, john hancock

i think it is important for each person to express themselves through personal style. what better way to do this than having a signature piece?! (john hancock = signature.. get it?)

my signature pieces are a collection of rings and bracelets from pono. pono is a high-end costume jewelry company. you can find their pieces at bloomingdales, henri bendel, bergdorf goodman.. etc. but, the best deals around are their sample sales! most of their jewelry is made from plastic or lucite. they are bold, bright, and colorful.

below are my 6 six rings (i coordinate based on my outfit) and my 4 bracelets that i wear together. my bracelets and rings go great together, and can be seen on me any day of the week, day or night.

i get comments on these rings all the time, even from strangers. my friends have even got a few now. (the one bad side.. very difficult to wear gloves with them during the winter time)