Monday, March 17, 2008

buon giorno dei san patrizio

happy saint patrick's day!

in my defense... coming across internet in europe is not as easy as america. that's right fellow bloggers, i am studying in europe this semester. and now that internet access is at my fingertips expect photos and updates.

so i am based in rome for a total of four months. so far i have traveled to:
-umbria: perugia, assisi, and orvieto
-pompeii and napoli
-milan (looooooooooooooved!)

assisi has the most breathtaking sights. orvieto is a little hill town in the region of umbria with the most delicious white wine you have ever tasted. and perugia has quaint little cobblestone streets that are fun to get lost in.
an example of the beautiful hill town views

pompeii is a town that was excavated after everything had been buried in a volcano eruption. really interesting to see and a great day trip from rome. naples doesn't have much to offer except pizza... and boy do they know how to make a pizza!! we happened to get our pie at the same place from the famed book 'eat, pray, love' and it was every bit as good as elizabeth gilbert explains.

the best pizza this world has to offer
the ruins in pompeii

milan is the fashion capital of the world... and i loved everything that city had to offer. it's buzzing with international corporates, designer labels, and travelers. the city has such a life to it that is impossble to resist. the weekend trip up there with my friends was amazing! we saw the fourth largest church in the world, walked past 4 prada stores in the shopping district, and got into vip at the night club 'old fashion'. ...if you can find it in your wallet or bank account, i highly suggest a trip to milan.

the galleria vittorio emmanuele... prada store #1 and the world's best people watching are inside.

this is milan's duomo... the fourth largest church in the world. very impressive.