Tuesday, April 15, 2008

la moda di roma

the fashion of rome.

so milan is the quite obviously the fashion capital of the world. shouldn't that by default mean the rest of the metropolitan areas in the country would be as aware of their style? one would assume. but i am left to wonder whether roman woman consider fashion a part of their lifestyles.

ever since ancient roman times, fashion and appearance have been a part of the italian culture. designs on togas and elaborate jewelry would separate the elite from the plebeians of rome. but modern day roman fashion leaves something to be desired.

a common theme in attire is duo-tone. wardrobes are based on black attire. women pair one other color with their black basics to add a bit of flair. such as; a black skirt paired with a black sweater and black boots. adding some color will include a pashmina in a solid, such as fuschia, and perhaps fuschia tights. while this look can work for a handful of the young women and can exhibit a cute, different look.. where are the fashion designers that boast their 'made in italy' labels?

clearly a point of personal opinion, i have been led to the conclusion that roman women tend not to focus on fashion, with very few exceptions. young ladies know how to get dressed for a night at the discoteca, and men can certainly look suave as they swagger down the cobblestoned streets in loafers, jeans, and sport coats. however, during the daylight hours they don't boast this sleek, sophisticated look much.