Thursday, October 30, 2008


okay, so unfortunately this name hasn't quite caught on as i hoped it would.. but i just love these shoes. this season they have been plastered all over the fashion mags, showcased in shoe stores everywhere, and spotted on the feet of quite a few [uber-fashionable] co-eds hitting up the college bar scene.

the shootie is a combination between the stunning shoe and the beloved bootie. i have seen this amazing concoction referred to as: the bootie (but it's not since your toes are out there for everyone to see! i mean, come on, you wouldn't call a peep toe a pump, now would you??), cut out sandals, etc.

i recommend going for this style in a solid leather color. but to stay with the trends, throwing in a little bit of hardware doesn't hurt. (in my opinion, peuter is best because it's the most neutral metal). try out the

i myself couldn't resist this trend so i bought a comfortable, affordable pair downtown.

(pictures courtesy of see any difference between these two? well, other than the price there isn't much change. steve madden makes both of these. the one on top is sold through the "madden girl" line, while the one on the bottom is sold through "steven." price difference? 80 bucks! $59.95 compared to $139.95... are they nuts?

unfortunately i don't forecast this trend pushing forward much past this year, so i would opt for the madden girl line... go splurge your extra eighty dollars on a night out! or, check out and find a great deal on designer labels with their fabulous on-line sample sales! it's my new fetish

ps - up-and-coming trend: over-the-knee boots! check out calvin klein's flat, black suede one at lord and taylor