Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DIY colored bobby pins

looking for a way to add flair to your outfit?

tired of piling on heavy jewelry during these hot summer nights but left wanting another accessory for your outfit??

well fashionistas, have i got the perfect solutions for you!!

painted bobby pins!

i bet you all have those fly aways you pin off your face or perhaps a set of bangs that sometimes you just don't feel like blowing out. so.. instead of using regular, camouflaged bobby pins used colored ones that coordinate with your outfit!

my roommate expressed her desire for some colored bobby pins. yet, she couldn't find them anywhere! so.. i came up with the [brilliant] idea of using our nailpolish.

it's perfect.. we obviously like the colors we own and they already coordinate with our outfits because they're what we use to paint our nails!

sometimes two coats are needed for full coverage of the pins. i also recommend doing a cute design.. such as; polka dots, stripes, multi colored.

my roommate and i decorated some bobby pins just last week and now we are obsessed! try it out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a nice summer bar outfit

one of my favorite summer outfits is the fantastic combination carrie underwood is portraying below..... image courtesy of InStyle.com

pairing short shorts with a fun top and finalizing it with a great pair of heels.. it's a great way to stay cool during these hot summer months and look great! and the best thing of all, the shorts are chic and casual enough to wear on summer weekends.. and tops like these can always be paired with black pants or a suit for the office.. the heels, well, we all know how i feel about heels (love them! ..anytime ..anywhere). anywho, this summer ensemble is such an easy, carefree outfit to put together.. in the words of my boyfriend, it "makes a nice summer bar outfit"

here's a few recommendations:


gap "original just below classic shorts" ..really are classic!

i love these beth bowley button detail shorts from nordstrom. the red is hot, hot, hot!

these old navy shorts are an affordable, adorable option


this blouse from banana republic is so versatile, it's a great buy!

this halter from nordstrom, by trina turk is a combo of great colors that are sure to flatter everybody!

and now for my favorite, heels! correction, wedges:
so i got both of these shoes off piperlime.com ...they have great shoes! and free shipping!

try out this great combination and let me know what you think! comments are always welcomed