Tuesday, January 8, 2008

shaken, not stirred

if you have never had a martini, try one. if you have had a martini, you actually haven't unless you went to the king cole bar in the st. regis hotel in new york.

i had my first martini just last week. a very exciting event for this young fashionista. i had it all planned out in my mind: grey goose vodka, dry, and shaken, not stirred. when kwaku, my trusty bartender, poured every ounce of liquor from the shaker into my 4 oz martini glass, filling it to the rim, i was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. what would it actually taste like? would i like it?

it was so smooth. perfect, actually. being as i have only had one martini, i am no expert. however, i do have good taste in drinks, and the martini is definitely up there. so if you have not had one, please, do try it. and if you are close to new york, visit the st. regis hotel and go to the king cole bar. their bartending trumps others, bar none.

and in case you are wondering, i was wearing a charcoal and ivory pinstripe wool suit with an ivory michael stars turtleneck underneath with black patent heels. a chic, classic business outfit for a chic, classic drink. the two fit together perfectly.