Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what to wear on a cold, rainy day when it should be warm & sunny

welcome to late may in new york! it's where the sun is shining, the hems are rising and ray-bans are scanning the sidewalks. wait a sec, i must be talking about a different metropolis because the city i came into this morning was covered by a gray cloud with crowds of people in dark pants and jackets holding themselves to keep warm during a walk to work. so that leaves me wondering.. where is spring?

come on mother nature time to kick in, the season have been delayed long enough.. i'm ready to wear my theory skirts, burberry espadrilles and leave my jacket at home!

watching the forecast on my television this morning i was unpleasantly forced to make a last minute outfit change, no silk skirt today.. not with the rain and not with the cold temps.

so what did i choose instead? a favorite, go-to outfit that provides warmth, comfort and style. i'll admit, i did wear pants and a jacket but considering the color of fabric it was "real may weather" appropriate.


jacket: tory burch, white, canvas three-quarter trench coat with fab silver buttons

top: theory, black, short-puff-sleeve dress shirt (the body is very fitted to offset the puffy sleeves)

pants: tory burch, blue/gray [periwinkle] seersucker pants (they have a medium-high waist with periwinkle buttons to add embellishment. they're also super long which is great because vertical lines and heels do nothing but elongate your legs!)

shoes: stuart weitzman, black, canvas espadrille wedges


the seersucker pants are a great option for this time of year because they aren’t too heavy but do cover up against the wind. and i must say, tory burch adds the greatest buttons to all of her designs.. a simple and sophisticated way to add flare without being flashy.

hopefully i can soon discuss what new dresses i'm wearing to work. until then.. stay dry!