Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"that's so fresh!"

white polish is what my fingernails are craving. not translucent white, but the thick white you normally use for a french manicure. my old bottle of 'marshmallow' is all done and i have yet to replace it, but with all this talk i’m not sure how much longer i can hold out.. looks like i’ll be heading over to duane reade shortly after posting!

my senses have been confirmed! i was just scrolling through the essie web site in search of a picture and low-and-behold their three white white colors; blanc, marshmallow and waltz, are marked h-o-t HOT! it’s so true though, white goes with everything! and it just looks so.. fresh!

i would suggest keeping nails short for this color. with long nails i fear it may look vampy.. and no, not in the edward cullen or bill compton good, hot vampire sense, somewhere more along the lines of trashy.

story time!!
during my last manicure the aesthetician questioned the white polish i chose. but alas, she relented and painted away. woo did i love the way it looked! the next day, wearing my new navy organic cotton c&c dress, i headed into Brooklyn to get some breakfast with friends. before i go on with this story, some background information is required. my friend [let’s call him] Adam is slinkster cool, brilliant and incredibly social. though Adam’s sense of style is something else to be discussed.. he wore plaid flannel shirts before plaid flannel shirts could pass as hippie cool/grunge. pretty much just knowing what he likes, buying it and wearing it.. without giving a second thought to what people think. for him, it works. for me, never in a million years! but, back to my story.. a group of friends are hanging out in adam’s apartment when all of a sudden he looks at me with a serious face and proceeds to say, “you’re nails are white.” it was so matter-of-fact i was stunned and speechless, a rare combination for me. So here we are, adam stating “you’re nails are white” – then.. pause.. then.. awkward pause – “that’s so fresh!” i was rolling in laughter! adam, the boy without a clue about seasonal trends claims my white nails are so fresh. but he’s right.. that’s what makes it work. it just is.

so for all of you fashionistas, recessionistas and “i don’t care what's 'in' –istas”.. it’s all about the white polish because.. “that’s so fresh!”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

maintaining a fashion blog when you don't have the time or money to shop

as I walked into nordstrom last night with my dad I realized just how long it has been since I went to the mall. and i hadn’t even gone there for shopping! we were having dinner at the cafĂ© and going off to see the new harry potter movie at the theater down the hall.

walking through the door, though, i was overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and eagerness. the shoe department lay right in front of my very eyes! how beautiful they all are. i passed through the department flipping over a pump here and a sandal there, but i felt.. deflated. the pep in my step had been lost. with work and commuting monday through friday, the area’s blue laws keeping the stores closed on sunday and my new found responsibility of paying lots of monthly bills on an intern’s salary have not afforded me the luxury of the leisurely browse. this, i realized, is why i have not had much inspiration for blog posts lately.

it is very difficult to maintain a fashion blog when you don’t have the time or money to shop. oh woe is me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i like mine strappy

maybe it has something to do with the late arrival of warm weather. maybe it has something to do with the economy. but whatever it is, i don’t like it. what is “it”? ..the fashion pass to wear boots in the summer.

perhaps it’s a marketing tactic to help out consumers in this economy; you don’t have to splurge on shoes this summer because your winter boots are still in this season! well, not for me. nothing seems appealing about leather encasing my foot on a hot summer day. to me, “it” is not okay.

in fact, i think that it looks rather odd. these poor girls.. their feet must be sweating like crazy. the leather, really, has got to go.

if you insist on trying out this trend do not go above the ankle! one very, very crucial note to keep in mind, it is still summer! keep the boots at the ankles, ladies! and, try to go with an open toe if you are feeling particularly “fashion forward.”

ps- i prefer a heeled sandal. it offers height, it’s office appropriate and my feet can breath! ahh...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

broken link -- sorry!

whoops! the ideeli link was wrong before.. now it is correct.

see the below post for invites and links to the most fabulous online sample sales!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

invites to the most fabulous online sample sale sites!

helloooooo fashionistas, stylistas and bargainistas!

since joining twitter (follow me @LadyXVII) i have become obsessed with online sale sites. mostly because all the pr reps started to follow me - and boy am i glad they did! woo the sales on these places are just fab. i listed them in alphabetical order because i don't like to pick favorites. go ahead and click on the sites name to check it out.. invites are in the link:

gilt groupe (@gilt_groupe) you don't need an invite to join, it's open to everyone! they have great high-end sales but the discounts aren't as much as the other sites. sales change on a daily basis so keep an eye out on the upcoming sales link.

haute look (@hautelook_com) my favorite thing about this site: they tell you the models proportions and what size she is wearing! my mother and i were so excited about this feature, it is a crucial piece of information that other sites should adopt as well.

ideeli (@ideeli) i just joined this site but am completely flabergasted at how fabulous all of the sales are. and i am talking fabulous.. 88% off on some!!

rue la la
(@rue_la_la ) has great bargains! sales are open for two days. make sure to get in early for the best stuff, it sells out quickly!

check out the sites and let me know what you think! don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends as well!

happy shopping fashionistas!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

so polished!

for this season it's all about bold and versatile! during these times of need its best to pick clothing & accessories that go with everything and get you a good bang for your buck! but then the challenge becomes: stand out against the crowds.

just last weekend i was painting my fingers and tootsies for a party. i decided on a warm summer favorite for my toes: 'capri by essie. it's a bright orange that doesn't quite scream. it coordinates perfectly with my new tory burch hot pink flip-flops and matches the orange detail on the sole (no, my foot doesn't cover all of it.. some peeks out around my toes). (ps- got my flippies at century 21 for only $24.95!) but, more importantly, that night the bold orange looked totally fab against the white sandals i was sporting to the party. a great choice that really popped (in my mind) but then lead to weird looks and a line of questioning from my mother.. "what are you wearing that hideous color for?!" well, mom, if you must know "because its bold and bright. it's a color that flatters my pale skin until i find time to lay out for a tan. and i'm 22, so i can get away with it even if you don't like it." problem solved.

on to the fingers.. gosh, i should really upload a photo of my outfit from the party to show here. but since i'm posting via blackberry on the train, not happening this moment. moving on..

lately i have been feeling white for the fingers. a thick, opaque white that is completely unexpected in daily routine. unfortunately when i brought this idea to fruition the end result was not what i had imagined. maybe i needed a new 'marshmallow' by essie or perhaps that paint job requires the expertise of a manicurist. either way, it was not working out for me. so i began venturing my mothers polish cabinet. alas, i found treasure! a classic essie hue, something my mother has been wearing for years.. waltz. it offered a thin white paint that coated my nails fabulously! it's hard to explain this color other than "thin". it has no tint of pink and it's not translucent.. it's just, thin.

in the end.. an award winning combo that i've donned for about a week now.

another killer combo - hot pink and orange. i blogged about these lacquers a year or so ago, and i have to admit, it is still totally in!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what to wear on a cold, rainy day when it should be warm & sunny

welcome to late may in new york! it's where the sun is shining, the hems are rising and ray-bans are scanning the sidewalks. wait a sec, i must be talking about a different metropolis because the city i came into this morning was covered by a gray cloud with crowds of people in dark pants and jackets holding themselves to keep warm during a walk to work. so that leaves me wondering.. where is spring?

come on mother nature time to kick in, the season have been delayed long enough.. i'm ready to wear my theory skirts, burberry espadrilles and leave my jacket at home!

watching the forecast on my television this morning i was unpleasantly forced to make a last minute outfit change, no silk skirt today.. not with the rain and not with the cold temps.

so what did i choose instead? a favorite, go-to outfit that provides warmth, comfort and style. i'll admit, i did wear pants and a jacket but considering the color of fabric it was "real may weather" appropriate.


jacket: tory burch, white, canvas three-quarter trench coat with fab silver buttons

top: theory, black, short-puff-sleeve dress shirt (the body is very fitted to offset the puffy sleeves)

pants: tory burch, blue/gray [periwinkle] seersucker pants (they have a medium-high waist with periwinkle buttons to add embellishment. they're also super long which is great because vertical lines and heels do nothing but elongate your legs!)

shoes: stuart weitzman, black, canvas espadrille wedges


the seersucker pants are a great option for this time of year because they aren’t too heavy but do cover up against the wind. and i must say, tory burch adds the greatest buttons to all of her designs.. a simple and sophisticated way to add flare without being flashy.

hopefully i can soon discuss what new dresses i'm wearing to work. until then.. stay dry!

Friday, April 24, 2009


perusing through this season's fashion magazines has got me feeling like i'm back in geometry!

i first caught sight of this trend when yves saint laurent launched their sky-high (nice!), black (perfect!), silicon (ugh!) latticed sandals. bold? yes. wearable? no. if you're not sure what i'm referring to take a glance at any fashion mag and check out the shoes ysl models are wearing in their full-page spreads. maybe ysl is using it as inspiration, something meant to stay on the pages and catwalks but off the sidewalks? one can only hope.

although now designers have begun to embrace this trend. with boring black & white prints that are so repetitive they have me spinning. unless you have the perfect body it won't look right anyway. Busy designs will target even the slightest of imperfections.

my advice? stay away from busy patterns. if bold is what you're looking for, opt for a piece of statement jewelry. besides, you don't want people to start labelling your x and y axes, now do you?

Friday, March 20, 2009

typing from my blackberry, forgive minor mistakes

Yesterday's style section of the new york times perfectly explained what consumers need from their closets these days... Something "more wearable but no less emotional."

Each line portrays a labels motif, the artists vision and direction. Without this all clothes would be the same from each rack, and the fashion industry would be a big ole bore.

But who has the proper amount of disposible income these days? Very few young fashionistas seeking said artistry and emotion are actually able to purchase that amazing pair of gucci heels, even if they could rationalize it as a sound investment.

The key word for today: versatility!

Luckily I am the same size as my mother, which means I get to benefit from her wonderful fashion decisions. She recently handed off a beautiful, hardly worn (seriously, I think maybe once) Tory Burch V-neck ivory three-quarter sleeve sweater. But the best thing about this top is the removable fringe/collar. At the sleeves and neckline there are buttons to attach beautiful, folded linen. The best thing this sweater is the versatility it offers with its additional option. Two looks in one and effortless. An all around winner in my book!

Friday, February 13, 2009

luscious lacquers

i recently painted my nails, can you guess it? don't know jacques! i still love this color and can hardly get enough of it.. beyond its versatility (in every sense of the term) its such an eye-catching color that pops.

but i like to change things up a bit, so when i go for a change i tend to lean towards my color of the season, my present favorite.. purple! or more specifically, an eggplant/aubregine tone.

a few years back I had a slight fetish with the essie polish "sole mate" was a fab color. a perfect "mate" for my tootsies!

so, when i recently went looking for a purple polish i came across my old, nearly empty bottle of sole mate. sadly, it was not usable. and so i was on the hunt. let me tell you what i found.. "we'll always havd paris" by opi.

i just fancy the wide brush on opi bottles, thus this color was an instant hit in my book!

it's not as dark as "lincoln park after dark" so it doesn't come off as almost black. you can really appreciate the rich red and blue undertones of this eggplant purple lacquer.

try it for yourself and don't forget to post your comments!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

stamp, trademark, john hancock

i think it is important for each person to express themselves through personal style. what better way to do this than having a signature piece?! (john hancock = signature.. get it?)

my signature pieces are a collection of rings and bracelets from pono. pono is a high-end costume jewelry company. you can find their pieces at bloomingdales, henri bendel, bergdorf goodman.. etc. but, the best deals around are their sample sales! most of their jewelry is made from plastic or lucite. they are bold, bright, and colorful.

below are my 6 six rings (i coordinate based on my outfit) and my 4 bracelets that i wear together. my bracelets and rings go great together, and can be seen on me any day of the week, day or night.

i get comments on these rings all the time, even from strangers. my friends have even got a few now. (the one bad side.. very difficult to wear gloves with them during the winter time)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

just my mukluk

the mukluk: "a soft boot worn by eskimos, often lined with fur" (thank you!) today's jargon: the classic ugg.

personally, i am not a fan of these boots, but i understand the practicality. it's a simple boot that keeps your feet fairly warm (unless it's wet outside and you feet thus get wet and begin to freeze) and can go with a multitude of outfits.

the bad side of the ugg (other than that freezing wet feeling i described earlier) is the slippery sole. if you are wearing these things anywhere there is actually snow and ice you are out of (muk)luk.

good alternatives:

the patagonia women's lugano waterproof boot:

the north face w abby ii:

if you love ugg, they have a couple good selections with cute style, thick treads, and waterproof material. like the surfcat boot:

Monday, January 26, 2009

hi, my name is.. and i deserve this position because..

as a recent college graduate interviewing has become somewhat of a common activity for me. with my experience, i can safely say that the conversations almost always start with "so tell me about yourself.."

don't freak.. this is the opportunity where you can highlight who you are through words, action, and dress. talk about yourself as an individual in a way that the resume doesn't cover.. use body language to show enthusiasm and interest.. and put together a great ensemble that highlights your creativity, uniqueness, and presence. after all, you want them to remember you once you leave the office.

first words of advice.. don't wear a typical business suit. the pant suit is gone. in fact, it's so far gone, not only is it out the door.. it's down the block, across the street, around the corner, and get the picture.

to start -- wear something sharp and look neat. make sure everything is pressed (that's ironed in layman's terms) and spill free. (this is where i highly suggest carrying a tide to-go pen with you at all times). if you're wearing a white blouse is should be white.. not yellowing or graying.. buy a new white blouse if you need to, they are easy to find and affordable for all.

secondly -- don't try to stand out so much that your outfit becomes distracting. stay away from really busy patterns, keep the make-up light and fresh, and go easy on the accessories. it's a simple balance between poise and elegance.

lastly -- heels! not only will you stand straighter.. you will walk taller. coming across with a good, strong presence is important. if you have some issues walking in heels, practice at home in front of a mirror. i also suggest commuting in flats to avoid the risk or scratching a heel between the sidewalks or getting caught in grates.

some combinations i recommend:
1-black pencil skirt, long black cardigan, white button-down with french cuffs (to fold over the cardigan), black textured tights, and pointed black pumps.. paired with; a statement necklace to make this look pop!
2-charcoal pin-strip pants, black wrap top, black heels.. paired with a funky ring to off-set the dark colors of this outfit
3-aubergine dress to the knee, textured black jacket on top, flat black boots (but walk like you are still in heels!!).. paired with a great bag to carry your resume and tide to-go pen!

questions/comments/recommendations.. e-mail me!