Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"that's so fresh!"

white polish is what my fingernails are craving. not translucent white, but the thick white you normally use for a french manicure. my old bottle of 'marshmallow' is all done and i have yet to replace it, but with all this talk i’m not sure how much longer i can hold out.. looks like i’ll be heading over to duane reade shortly after posting!

my senses have been confirmed! i was just scrolling through the essie web site in search of a picture and low-and-behold their three white white colors; blanc, marshmallow and waltz, are marked h-o-t HOT! it’s so true though, white goes with everything! and it just looks so.. fresh!

i would suggest keeping nails short for this color. with long nails i fear it may look vampy.. and no, not in the edward cullen or bill compton good, hot vampire sense, somewhere more along the lines of trashy.

story time!!
during my last manicure the aesthetician questioned the white polish i chose. but alas, she relented and painted away. woo did i love the way it looked! the next day, wearing my new navy organic cotton c&c dress, i headed into Brooklyn to get some breakfast with friends. before i go on with this story, some background information is required. my friend [let’s call him] Adam is slinkster cool, brilliant and incredibly social. though Adam’s sense of style is something else to be discussed.. he wore plaid flannel shirts before plaid flannel shirts could pass as hippie cool/grunge. pretty much just knowing what he likes, buying it and wearing it.. without giving a second thought to what people think. for him, it works. for me, never in a million years! but, back to my story.. a group of friends are hanging out in adam’s apartment when all of a sudden he looks at me with a serious face and proceeds to say, “you’re nails are white.” it was so matter-of-fact i was stunned and speechless, a rare combination for me. So here we are, adam stating “you’re nails are white” – then.. pause.. then.. awkward pause – “that’s so fresh!” i was rolling in laughter! adam, the boy without a clue about seasonal trends claims my white nails are so fresh. but he’s right.. that’s what makes it work. it just is.

so for all of you fashionistas, recessionistas and “i don’t care what's 'in' –istas”.. it’s all about the white polish because.. “that’s so fresh!”