Friday, April 24, 2009


perusing through this season's fashion magazines has got me feeling like i'm back in geometry!

i first caught sight of this trend when yves saint laurent launched their sky-high (nice!), black (perfect!), silicon (ugh!) latticed sandals. bold? yes. wearable? no. if you're not sure what i'm referring to take a glance at any fashion mag and check out the shoes ysl models are wearing in their full-page spreads. maybe ysl is using it as inspiration, something meant to stay on the pages and catwalks but off the sidewalks? one can only hope.

although now designers have begun to embrace this trend. with boring black & white prints that are so repetitive they have me spinning. unless you have the perfect body it won't look right anyway. Busy designs will target even the slightest of imperfections.

my advice? stay away from busy patterns. if bold is what you're looking for, opt for a piece of statement jewelry. besides, you don't want people to start labelling your x and y axes, now do you?