Wednesday, January 28, 2009

just my mukluk

the mukluk: "a soft boot worn by eskimos, often lined with fur" (thank you!) today's jargon: the classic ugg.

personally, i am not a fan of these boots, but i understand the practicality. it's a simple boot that keeps your feet fairly warm (unless it's wet outside and you feet thus get wet and begin to freeze) and can go with a multitude of outfits.

the bad side of the ugg (other than that freezing wet feeling i described earlier) is the slippery sole. if you are wearing these things anywhere there is actually snow and ice you are out of (muk)luk.

good alternatives:

the patagonia women's lugano waterproof boot:

the north face w abby ii:

if you love ugg, they have a couple good selections with cute style, thick treads, and waterproof material. like the surfcat boot:

Monday, January 26, 2009

hi, my name is.. and i deserve this position because..

as a recent college graduate interviewing has become somewhat of a common activity for me. with my experience, i can safely say that the conversations almost always start with "so tell me about yourself.."

don't freak.. this is the opportunity where you can highlight who you are through words, action, and dress. talk about yourself as an individual in a way that the resume doesn't cover.. use body language to show enthusiasm and interest.. and put together a great ensemble that highlights your creativity, uniqueness, and presence. after all, you want them to remember you once you leave the office.

first words of advice.. don't wear a typical business suit. the pant suit is gone. in fact, it's so far gone, not only is it out the door.. it's down the block, across the street, around the corner, and get the picture.

to start -- wear something sharp and look neat. make sure everything is pressed (that's ironed in layman's terms) and spill free. (this is where i highly suggest carrying a tide to-go pen with you at all times). if you're wearing a white blouse is should be white.. not yellowing or graying.. buy a new white blouse if you need to, they are easy to find and affordable for all.

secondly -- don't try to stand out so much that your outfit becomes distracting. stay away from really busy patterns, keep the make-up light and fresh, and go easy on the accessories. it's a simple balance between poise and elegance.

lastly -- heels! not only will you stand straighter.. you will walk taller. coming across with a good, strong presence is important. if you have some issues walking in heels, practice at home in front of a mirror. i also suggest commuting in flats to avoid the risk or scratching a heel between the sidewalks or getting caught in grates.

some combinations i recommend:
1-black pencil skirt, long black cardigan, white button-down with french cuffs (to fold over the cardigan), black textured tights, and pointed black pumps.. paired with; a statement necklace to make this look pop!
2-charcoal pin-strip pants, black wrap top, black heels.. paired with a funky ring to off-set the dark colors of this outfit
3-aubergine dress to the knee, textured black jacket on top, flat black boots (but walk like you are still in heels!!).. paired with a great bag to carry your resume and tide to-go pen!

questions/comments/recommendations.. e-mail me!