Thursday, June 11, 2009

broken link -- sorry!

whoops! the ideeli link was wrong before.. now it is correct.

see the below post for invites and links to the most fabulous online sample sales!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

invites to the most fabulous online sample sale sites!

helloooooo fashionistas, stylistas and bargainistas!

since joining twitter (follow me @LadyXVII) i have become obsessed with online sale sites. mostly because all the pr reps started to follow me - and boy am i glad they did! woo the sales on these places are just fab. i listed them in alphabetical order because i don't like to pick favorites. go ahead and click on the sites name to check it out.. invites are in the link:

gilt groupe (@gilt_groupe) you don't need an invite to join, it's open to everyone! they have great high-end sales but the discounts aren't as much as the other sites. sales change on a daily basis so keep an eye out on the upcoming sales link.

haute look (@hautelook_com) my favorite thing about this site: they tell you the models proportions and what size she is wearing! my mother and i were so excited about this feature, it is a crucial piece of information that other sites should adopt as well.

ideeli (@ideeli) i just joined this site but am completely flabergasted at how fabulous all of the sales are. and i am talking fabulous.. 88% off on some!!

rue la la
(@rue_la_la ) has great bargains! sales are open for two days. make sure to get in early for the best stuff, it sells out quickly!

check out the sites and let me know what you think! don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends as well!

happy shopping fashionistas!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

so polished!

for this season it's all about bold and versatile! during these times of need its best to pick clothing & accessories that go with everything and get you a good bang for your buck! but then the challenge becomes: stand out against the crowds.

just last weekend i was painting my fingers and tootsies for a party. i decided on a warm summer favorite for my toes: 'capri by essie. it's a bright orange that doesn't quite scream. it coordinates perfectly with my new tory burch hot pink flip-flops and matches the orange detail on the sole (no, my foot doesn't cover all of it.. some peeks out around my toes). (ps- got my flippies at century 21 for only $24.95!) but, more importantly, that night the bold orange looked totally fab against the white sandals i was sporting to the party. a great choice that really popped (in my mind) but then lead to weird looks and a line of questioning from my mother.. "what are you wearing that hideous color for?!" well, mom, if you must know "because its bold and bright. it's a color that flatters my pale skin until i find time to lay out for a tan. and i'm 22, so i can get away with it even if you don't like it." problem solved.

on to the fingers.. gosh, i should really upload a photo of my outfit from the party to show here. but since i'm posting via blackberry on the train, not happening this moment. moving on..

lately i have been feeling white for the fingers. a thick, opaque white that is completely unexpected in daily routine. unfortunately when i brought this idea to fruition the end result was not what i had imagined. maybe i needed a new 'marshmallow' by essie or perhaps that paint job requires the expertise of a manicurist. either way, it was not working out for me. so i began venturing my mothers polish cabinet. alas, i found treasure! a classic essie hue, something my mother has been wearing for years.. waltz. it offered a thin white paint that coated my nails fabulously! it's hard to explain this color other than "thin". it has no tint of pink and it's not translucent.. it's just, thin.

in the end.. an award winning combo that i've donned for about a week now.

another killer combo - hot pink and orange. i blogged about these lacquers a year or so ago, and i have to admit, it is still totally in!