Monday, June 30, 2008

name plates

yes, just like the famed gold script letters laying on carrie's chest from 'sex and the city.' the thing i love about these necklaces is how rarely you see them. sure, they have associations and stereotypes tied to them.. but a fad surrounding the nameplates never really surfaced. not that i can recall, anyway.

that's why i was so surprised to see my best friend sporting one to the bars one night. she told me it was a birthday present from her family, not only a very unexpected source.. but she actually recently received it!

i was even more flabbergasted the next day when i opened a drawer in my jewelry box and saw my own name laying in front of me in gold script. an old gift from second grade, i could hardly believe i found it.. or even still had it! so to be cute, i wore it out to the bars with her. and i must say, everybody loved it. the name plate necklace is such a hit.

i think i'll keep it slung around my neck until every other girl has one. but for the summer, i plan to pair it with a long strand of pearls, or another short gold chain. it's a fun versatile way to layer it.

thoughts: the name plate, yay or nay?