Thursday, October 18, 2007

hats off to you!!

hey there fashionistas! we are in the heart of fall.. despite those 70 degree days much of the country is still experiencing. i know, it's crazy. but every now and then when autumn peeks its chilly nose out, some of the most adorable fashions appear on campus.

of those, some of my favorites are; pashminas wrapped around the neck, tights, long sweaters, and hats!!

hats are really in right now. and some of my favorites starting showing up in movies (like 'the devil wears prada') and tv shows a while back. my favorite type of hat is the pageboy hat. it comes in a plethora of fabrics and colors. it's very versatile, it works when dressing up and for days that aren't quite as formal and jeans and a t-shirt is what you decide to wear.

These are some really cute courduroy pageboy hats. Cute, right??

i am also a huge huge fan of the beret. okay, so you're probably thinking, 'what has , i had one when i was little and wore it only because my mom forced it on my head. but ever since last winter, i have been on a mission. trying to find that perfect balance between stiff and sloppy. a black beret with form but not so floppy or so stiff that it looks like i'm in the army. berets will soon be hitting the fashion front.. expect to see this in magazines, around campus, and in movies and such.

Friday, October 12, 2007

the accessorizing guru

it's official.. if you need any accessory including shoes, bags, jewelry, i am your person. i have a lot of versatility in my accessories because i feel that it's the signs of a smart shopper if you can work with a few key accessories and come out with a plethora of dressing opportunities..

just last weekend three of my best girlfriends came to visit at school. we were getting ready to go out friday night, and the following words came out of their mouths.. "when i was packing i didn't have to put much thought into my night outfits because i knew that my fashionista friend NYCShopGirl15 would have anything i needed." well, naturally i laughed at this. but it is so true.

the arrows are pointing to the accessories i gave them including; silver drop earrings, black prada bag, gold ralph lauren bracelet, silver charmer bracelets, and pewter Burberry clutch. you girls looked amazing!

i ended up accessorizing all three of my girlfriends and my roommate.. both nights! it was so much fun, i love dressing up people. on the other hand, i allow very very few people to accessorize me. usually because i am stubborn enough to have my decisions set in stone about 24 hours before i actually wear an outfit.

an example of an exception: on my philadelphia trip i let my friend kopal help accessorize! i was wearing one of my favorite lbd's. paired with silver drop earrings, my favorite silver locket necklace, and some silver bangles. "dressed to kill" is the term i believe.. haha

have a great weekend fashionistas! if you need some advice on accessories you know how to reach me!