Sunday, December 14, 2008

mixology 101

if someone were to ask you, "what's your favorite cocktail?" how would you respond? would it be a quick, off-the-cuff, run-of-the-mill answer like, the cosmo? sure, cocktal trends come and go, but favorites last a lifetime.

my favorite cocktail has a bit of a story behind it, the infamous bellini. the name is as beautiful as the drink itself, a flute filled with a complimentary combination of white peach nectar and champagne. this world famous drink originated at harry's bar in venice, italy where, according to, giuseppe "harry" cipriani was inspired by the venetian painter, giovanni bellini. this bar also gained its popularity from a recognizable list of patrons, including ernest hemingway and orson welles.

i must admit, my first experience with this drink is likely what prompted my prejudice towards them; my mom and stepdad brought me to the restaurant harry cipriani at the sherry netherland hotel in new york city at the ripe age of sixteen. being the impressionable teenager that i was, i could not help but take in the entire atmosphere; i was immediately entranced by the buzzing environment. the drink sitting in front of me was a bellini with veuve clicquot, a distinguishable champagne with an interesting history (i recommend picking up a copy of 'the widow clicquot'). the bubbles from the champagne along with the sweet nectar that left a delicious after-taste is something i will never forget.

fortunately i had the opportunity to extend my affinity with the bellini beyond manhattan. while studying abroad in italy, i traveled to venice for a weekend with my dad and brother. among other wonderful experiences in the city, i had the utmost delight of tasting a bellini from its birthplace, harry's bar. as i sipped on my bellini i couldn't be happier, i was gleeful and elated, with a smile showcasing every pearly white.

in the end, my favorite cocktail has a long history and personal story to go with it. but i wonder.. if i were a cocktail, would i be a bellini or something a bit more complicated? comparing oneself to the complexities of mixology brings a whole new level of creativity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'tis the season for a wise investment

the new york times thursday style section recently summed up this season's trends with such precision i can hardly get it out of my head: "hemlines tend to fall with the economy." so where micro-mini dresses could be be spotted by the legs, i mean numbers, at any party last year expect them to be few and far between this season. simple standard lines are falling and filing in the gap between thighs and knees. to adjust for this extension many fashion houses are using bright colors to stir a little bit of mood into conservative cuts.

bad news bears, i know. but don't give up yet fashionistas, there is hope! with a tighter budget this season invest in two to three staples.. classic looks that can be paired with a mélange of accessories. adding sparkle and flair to your ensemble shouldn't cost a lot or take a lot of time.. try to focus on one statement piece like jewelry, a belt, an over-sized clutch, or a great pair of shoes (may i suggest patent leather??)

notice how banana republic
used a bright pink blend to make the dress pop

their use of solid jewelry makes a statement
and adds flair without going over the top

shoes, sorry hard to see, bright silver ones
carry an envious fashionistas eyes to the floor and back up again

this tadashi dress from nordstrom
is cut perfectly to show off your curves

accessorize with an over-sized clutch in a print or solid
it will add funk and flair to the simplicity of the dress

a bright shoe that sparkles can add color
and carry this dress through all of your holiday parties

happy shopping & happy holidays!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

disney couture? i don't believe my ears.

(image courtesy of
i love thursday's. i always look forward to thurday's because i get to read the styles section from the new york times! it's my favorite section from the periodical.. something to read between classes and something to keep me awake during boring lectures.. oops, did i just say boring?!

did you get a chance to pick up a copy of yesterday's edition? the top headline in styles reads, "disney, by design." i could hardly believe it.. disney, the untouchable media conglomerate who created the masterpieces i grew up with, will now be making couture clothes? i feel like i just fell down a rabbit hole..

sure, large corporations are known to dilly-dally into other markets and disney has done their fair share, from amusement parks to bedding. i don't doubt their accessibility to incredible resources, both personally and materially, however, clothing from disney should not cost more than what can pour out from a child's piggy bank.

disney keeps a tight grip on their brand image and jumps on a law suit at the drop of hat, so why are they loosening the reins now? i don't see the parallelism between wide leg jeans, long sweaters with a cowel neck, and cinderella's ball gown (unless of course you happen to be the ultimate fashionista tween!)

i can't imagine feeling comfortable walking into a formal in a evening dress that bears a label with a pair of ears and a script D. my suggestion? create a new brand within the corporation. disney did this when they jumped into computer animation with pixar. too bad walter is already taken..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fashion Is Asymmetrical

in life there are three things we cannot live without; food, housing, and clothes. these staples are the basic necessities of life, but who says that they have to be conventional? the world's greatest chefs create gratifying, mind-blowing, gourmet cuisines. with simple combinations of ingredients that balance each other all the flavors can be tasted and appreciated. architects use lines, simply the connection between two points on a plane, the simplest geometric variable, to create unparalleled designs that can't help but leave their audiences in wonder. designers bring cloth and fabric to life. the master of a needle and thread creates artwork unlike any other.

fashion is not meant to be bland or boring. fashion is a personal expression of creativity through one of life's staples. clothing gives every individual the opportunity to be an artist. even the standard jeans and a white t-shirt becomes something more with personal flair. every style becomes unique when you put it on because your decisions are a reflection of who you are. will you add a belt? jewelry? how about sneakers or flats? is your hair styled or swept back in a ponytail?

you can tell a lot about a person through their clothing. and first impressions leave a lasting impression, for this reason i agree with coco chanel when she said "i don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. and then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. and it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."

yesterday i was wearing a long sweater that fastens in front with an over-sized safety pin. when i closed my sweater i left one side hanging below the other so that they didn't meet up and form a "perfect" horizontal line at the bottom. when a friend asked me why my sweater was uneven, my response was... "fashion is asymmetrical."

so remember fashionistas: there are no rules, just suggestions.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


okay, so unfortunately this name hasn't quite caught on as i hoped it would.. but i just love these shoes. this season they have been plastered all over the fashion mags, showcased in shoe stores everywhere, and spotted on the feet of quite a few [uber-fashionable] co-eds hitting up the college bar scene.

the shootie is a combination between the stunning shoe and the beloved bootie. i have seen this amazing concoction referred to as: the bootie (but it's not since your toes are out there for everyone to see! i mean, come on, you wouldn't call a peep toe a pump, now would you??), cut out sandals, etc.

i recommend going for this style in a solid leather color. but to stay with the trends, throwing in a little bit of hardware doesn't hurt. (in my opinion, peuter is best because it's the most neutral metal). try out the

i myself couldn't resist this trend so i bought a comfortable, affordable pair downtown.

(pictures courtesy of see any difference between these two? well, other than the price there isn't much change. steve madden makes both of these. the one on top is sold through the "madden girl" line, while the one on the bottom is sold through "steven." price difference? 80 bucks! $59.95 compared to $139.95... are they nuts?

unfortunately i don't forecast this trend pushing forward much past this year, so i would opt for the madden girl line... go splurge your extra eighty dollars on a night out! or, check out and find a great deal on designer labels with their fabulous on-line sample sales! it's my new fetish

ps - up-and-coming trend: over-the-knee boots! check out calvin klein's flat, black suede one at lord and taylor

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

match your hardware

good evening, fashionistas.. i recently received a comment/post that i think it a great topic to cover. especially for those non-fashionista friends and readers that frequent this blog.

if you check out the link above (it will bring you to my high-heel heaven post, almost a year ago) you will see peters inquiry: "what does it mean to 'match one's hardware?'"

well, peter.. (hi, by the way!) explain "match one's hardware" it is best to first define exactly what hardware is. hardware, in the fashion sense of the term, is any metal accessory you are donning. Such as; jewelry, belt buckles, and even metal clasps on a murse/purse (for those of you not aware, a murse is a man purse.. a fairly recent addition to the dictionary actually!) some shoes have little metal clasps or adornments, these would fall into "fashion hardware" as well.

to "match one's hardware," i simply mean that you should wear all hardware of the same color. so if you are wearing silver jewelry and find it necessary to wear a belt, try choosing one with a silver buckle (or without metal). i am actually a huge stickler about this when it comes to purses. i can even get anal to the point where i won't wear a prada bag if i have gold jewelry on why? you got it.. because the prada label is a little silver metal plaque.

now, i know that clashing was in last season so silvers and gold were seen together rather often. but in general, a fashion recommendation (rule's are no fun, they leave no room for imagination and experiment, so if you feel it necessary to pair gold and silver, you go right on ahead!) anyway, a fashion recommendation that i tend to follow is matching my hardware. however, there is wiggle room! pewter. yes, that fantabulous color that really looks as though silver and gold were put together in a blender.. it can go either way! so, if your finances are like most other college students, purchase pewter.. i guarantee that you won't regret it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gracefully Gray

I just love my new polish that i got for this fall. I haven't seen too much of this shade around yet, but I expect to see this color all around, very shortly!

gray... it's fantabulous doubled on your fingers and toes! or you could pair it with that bottle of black you still have.

i just bought the opi color, "you don't know jacques" and it is awesome! i have it on my fingers and toes, at first i was a bit nervous thinking that it may be a bit dark for early september but it's a great transition shade for the season change. my mom pointed out that it may make me look a bit washed out, but it pops rather than blends. i would describe the opi shade as a taupey-gray, almost as if there is a hint of brown. it is just grand!

here are a few pictures of my nails, the quality isn't the best... but in person they are just great!!

i highly suggest purchasing this polish.. it's sure to be a hit on campuses and streets nationwide. ps- better go out and get your quick, i had to go to two places to find a bottle, and i snagged the last one!!

maxi dresses

such an ugly name for such a cute outfit!!

i am a huge fan of this fashion fad... easy and simple, this outfit carries over from day to night carelessly!!

maxi dresses look great with
--long necklaces!
--flat sandals!
--and oversized clutches!

send some of your ideas and favorite ways to wear your maxi dress!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DIY colored bobby pins

looking for a way to add flair to your outfit?

tired of piling on heavy jewelry during these hot summer nights but left wanting another accessory for your outfit??

well fashionistas, have i got the perfect solutions for you!!

painted bobby pins!

i bet you all have those fly aways you pin off your face or perhaps a set of bangs that sometimes you just don't feel like blowing out. so.. instead of using regular, camouflaged bobby pins used colored ones that coordinate with your outfit!

my roommate expressed her desire for some colored bobby pins. yet, she couldn't find them anywhere! so.. i came up with the [brilliant] idea of using our nailpolish.

it's perfect.. we obviously like the colors we own and they already coordinate with our outfits because they're what we use to paint our nails!

sometimes two coats are needed for full coverage of the pins. i also recommend doing a cute design.. such as; polka dots, stripes, multi colored.

my roommate and i decorated some bobby pins just last week and now we are obsessed! try it out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a nice summer bar outfit

one of my favorite summer outfits is the fantastic combination carrie underwood is portraying below..... image courtesy of

pairing short shorts with a fun top and finalizing it with a great pair of heels.. it's a great way to stay cool during these hot summer months and look great! and the best thing of all, the shorts are chic and casual enough to wear on summer weekends.. and tops like these can always be paired with black pants or a suit for the office.. the heels, well, we all know how i feel about heels (love them! ..anytime ..anywhere). anywho, this summer ensemble is such an easy, carefree outfit to put together.. in the words of my boyfriend, it "makes a nice summer bar outfit"

here's a few recommendations:


gap "original just below classic shorts" ..really are classic!

i love these beth bowley button detail shorts from nordstrom. the red is hot, hot, hot!

these old navy shorts are an affordable, adorable option


this blouse from banana republic is so versatile, it's a great buy!

this halter from nordstrom, by trina turk is a combo of great colors that are sure to flatter everybody!

and now for my favorite, heels! correction, wedges:
so i got both of these shoes off ...they have great shoes! and free shipping!

try out this great combination and let me know what you think! comments are always welcomed

Monday, June 30, 2008

name plates

yes, just like the famed gold script letters laying on carrie's chest from 'sex and the city.' the thing i love about these necklaces is how rarely you see them. sure, they have associations and stereotypes tied to them.. but a fad surrounding the nameplates never really surfaced. not that i can recall, anyway.

that's why i was so surprised to see my best friend sporting one to the bars one night. she told me it was a birthday present from her family, not only a very unexpected source.. but she actually recently received it!

i was even more flabbergasted the next day when i opened a drawer in my jewelry box and saw my own name laying in front of me in gold script. an old gift from second grade, i could hardly believe i found it.. or even still had it! so to be cute, i wore it out to the bars with her. and i must say, everybody loved it. the name plate necklace is such a hit.

i think i'll keep it slung around my neck until every other girl has one. but for the summer, i plan to pair it with a long strand of pearls, or another short gold chain. it's a fun versatile way to layer it.

thoughts: the name plate, yay or nay?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

paint them pretty

ciao bellas!! everywhere i look, all i see is pale pink nails and berry bright pink toes. it's all the rage this season. check out your magazines like marie claire, vogue, instyle and look online at don't forget to check out all those pretty painted nails on everybody's fingers and toes!! it's everywhere, it's so feminine, and it's completely flattering.

this summer is a classic. your pale pink nails will work with any flower patterned summer dress (totally in this season). and the berry pink toes are sure to make your summer wedges stand out. my recommendations? For sure; paint those tootsies with OPI "That's Hot! Pink" and combo Essie "Adore-a-ball" and "Sugar Daddy" for your fingers.

looking for a little twist? switch your colors and you're sure to make a statement. that berry pink will really pop on your hands, while a demure pale pink will blend in seemlessly with flip flops on the beach.

my prediction for next year?? a bright orange on the toes and a blush pink on the nails. im trying it out as soon as i get back to new york for the summer. but give it a trial run yourselves and let me know how it goes! try these out: OPI "Brights Power" or OPI "DS Treasure" and OPI "Kiss on the Chic"(it's sure to flatter and pop on everyone!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

surfing the waves via 1950

ciao fashionistas! as memorial day weekend approaches one can't help but notice the plethora of bathing suits that have flooded department stores and boughtiques, alike. upon some internet research (since i cannot walk through saks or bloomies while in Roma) i stumbled upon a surprising repetition of styles for this season.

what a throwback designers have gone for! what i the styles section of the new york times refers to as the 'meet and greet' look.. high waisted bikinis have really made quit a show on runways and in dressing rooms. this retro fifties look is uber sheek, and helps concel any winter pounds you haven't shed yet.

another great line that has also gone hook, line, and sinker.. the full-piece. designers have approached this area of swimwear rather cautiously.. but looking at designs, i have to applaude. they combine classic sheek with sex kitten.

here anne klein successfully portrays a demure cut thats sure to flatter every curve.

and here you can see how le truc works with this retro look on a two-piece

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

la moda di roma

the fashion of rome.

so milan is the quite obviously the fashion capital of the world. shouldn't that by default mean the rest of the metropolitan areas in the country would be as aware of their style? one would assume. but i am left to wonder whether roman woman consider fashion a part of their lifestyles.

ever since ancient roman times, fashion and appearance have been a part of the italian culture. designs on togas and elaborate jewelry would separate the elite from the plebeians of rome. but modern day roman fashion leaves something to be desired.

a common theme in attire is duo-tone. wardrobes are based on black attire. women pair one other color with their black basics to add a bit of flair. such as; a black skirt paired with a black sweater and black boots. adding some color will include a pashmina in a solid, such as fuschia, and perhaps fuschia tights. while this look can work for a handful of the young women and can exhibit a cute, different look.. where are the fashion designers that boast their 'made in italy' labels?

clearly a point of personal opinion, i have been led to the conclusion that roman women tend not to focus on fashion, with very few exceptions. young ladies know how to get dressed for a night at the discoteca, and men can certainly look suave as they swagger down the cobblestoned streets in loafers, jeans, and sport coats. however, during the daylight hours they don't boast this sleek, sophisticated look much.

Monday, March 17, 2008

buon giorno dei san patrizio

happy saint patrick's day!

in my defense... coming across internet in europe is not as easy as america. that's right fellow bloggers, i am studying in europe this semester. and now that internet access is at my fingertips expect photos and updates.

so i am based in rome for a total of four months. so far i have traveled to:
-umbria: perugia, assisi, and orvieto
-pompeii and napoli
-milan (looooooooooooooved!)

assisi has the most breathtaking sights. orvieto is a little hill town in the region of umbria with the most delicious white wine you have ever tasted. and perugia has quaint little cobblestone streets that are fun to get lost in.
an example of the beautiful hill town views

pompeii is a town that was excavated after everything had been buried in a volcano eruption. really interesting to see and a great day trip from rome. naples doesn't have much to offer except pizza... and boy do they know how to make a pizza!! we happened to get our pie at the same place from the famed book 'eat, pray, love' and it was every bit as good as elizabeth gilbert explains.

the best pizza this world has to offer
the ruins in pompeii

milan is the fashion capital of the world... and i loved everything that city had to offer. it's buzzing with international corporates, designer labels, and travelers. the city has such a life to it that is impossble to resist. the weekend trip up there with my friends was amazing! we saw the fourth largest church in the world, walked past 4 prada stores in the shopping district, and got into vip at the night club 'old fashion'. ...if you can find it in your wallet or bank account, i highly suggest a trip to milan.

the galleria vittorio emmanuele... prada store #1 and the world's best people watching are inside.

this is milan's duomo... the fourth largest church in the world. very impressive.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

shaken, not stirred

if you have never had a martini, try one. if you have had a martini, you actually haven't unless you went to the king cole bar in the st. regis hotel in new york.

i had my first martini just last week. a very exciting event for this young fashionista. i had it all planned out in my mind: grey goose vodka, dry, and shaken, not stirred. when kwaku, my trusty bartender, poured every ounce of liquor from the shaker into my 4 oz martini glass, filling it to the rim, i was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. what would it actually taste like? would i like it?

it was so smooth. perfect, actually. being as i have only had one martini, i am no expert. however, i do have good taste in drinks, and the martini is definitely up there. so if you have not had one, please, do try it. and if you are close to new york, visit the st. regis hotel and go to the king cole bar. their bartending trumps others, bar none.

and in case you are wondering, i was wearing a charcoal and ivory pinstripe wool suit with an ivory michael stars turtleneck underneath with black patent heels. a chic, classic business outfit for a chic, classic drink. the two fit together perfectly.