Friday, March 20, 2009

typing from my blackberry, forgive minor mistakes

Yesterday's style section of the new york times perfectly explained what consumers need from their closets these days... Something "more wearable but no less emotional."

Each line portrays a labels motif, the artists vision and direction. Without this all clothes would be the same from each rack, and the fashion industry would be a big ole bore.

But who has the proper amount of disposible income these days? Very few young fashionistas seeking said artistry and emotion are actually able to purchase that amazing pair of gucci heels, even if they could rationalize it as a sound investment.

The key word for today: versatility!

Luckily I am the same size as my mother, which means I get to benefit from her wonderful fashion decisions. She recently handed off a beautiful, hardly worn (seriously, I think maybe once) Tory Burch V-neck ivory three-quarter sleeve sweater. But the best thing about this top is the removable fringe/collar. At the sleeves and neckline there are buttons to attach beautiful, folded linen. The best thing this sweater is the versatility it offers with its additional option. Two looks in one and effortless. An all around winner in my book!