Sunday, December 16, 2007

a flip flop worth buying

like many other fashionistas, i don't quite follow the flip flop trend. it's like copping out on your feet. other than the beach or the pool, there is not much room for flip flop wear. if you're wearing a sundress pair it with sandals (jack rogers are a favorite of mine). pants? sandals or flats always work.

but, i must say.. i was pleasantly surprised walking downtown to class the other day when i was stopped in my tracks by a pair of flip flops. yes, flip flops! adorable orange and pink tory burch flip flops with a little gold medallion. of course they didn't have my size. so, frustrated, i left the store and called my mom to tell her about my incredible find. obviously she already saw them on the tory burch web site. priced at $45 they are already sold-out online and clearly hard to find in store. are they worth $45? debateable. they are uber cute, with detailed soles and a gold medallion to spice up the look.. hmm, that may be $45 i am willing to dish out.

they come in a variety of colors as you can see in the picture. while i'm not personally a fan of flip flops in general, i believe that this shoe deserves a second look. call me a brand-whore if you will.. but this is one beach thong i can see myself flipping and flopping in.


  1. I'm already a big flip flop wearer but these are definitely on the classier/dressier side of my fave casual footwear. Now if only I had $45 to spend on them...they're adorable!

  2. Hey... thanks for your comment!! They are definitely on a dressier side. For another dressy sandal, try the Jack Rogers or other Tory Burch sandals. These both tend to be a little pricey... so you could also try looking on they have some great finds!!

  3. will do...thanks! :)