Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Restaurant Week at RIS

As Google has already told you this morning, today is Julia Child's 100th birthday. Okay, if she were alive it would have been her 100th birthday, in reality she was born 100 years ago today. To my very pleasant surprise, the RIS Restaurant Week menu was dedicated to Julia Child.
RIS' restaurant week menu - "All Things Julia"
RIS is located in Foggy Bottom, has been on my radar for quite some time, and definitely met or exceeded every expectation that I had. First and foremost I have to say that I was wildly impressed that the servers did not clear any plates until Ross and I were both done eating. That is the way fine dining should be, but unfortunately even this is a piece etiquette experienced few and far between. It was so nice to watch the servers keep checking and noticing that I was not quite done, they didn't even ask, they relied on their powers of observation and I have to give RIS, their management, and their waiters two big thumbs up for continuing this fine tradition.

On to the food... it was so good that I forgot to take pictures! I got one photo of my entree after I had already started eating it, but beyond that nothing! I started with the mussels... "Moules Mariniere"... that were to die for! They were served in a creamy, savory white sauce with butter, shallots, and parsley. After I ate the mussels I gingerly dipped my toast in the sauce to sop it all up!

My entree was a great-sized portion, and for Restaurant Week it was an exceptionally sized portion. I ordered the roasted chicken with fries and glazed carrots. I ate every bite despite my very full stomach. It was so tasty - the chicken was warm and juicy. The carrots were sweet and tender. And the fries were crispy until they came in contact with the sauce on the plate - which was okay by me! I was so full it almost hurt after I ate my entree, but alas I had a third course to endure.
Poulet Frites
Ross was kind enough to split the Almond Vacherin with me. It was an almond meringue served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top, with lightly glazed peaches too! Heavenly. We finished every bite on this plate as well.

As you could tell from my post (and clean plates) I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at RIS last night. Their regular menu, which Ross ordered off of, looked very tempting as well! I think we'll be coming back to RIS for special occasions in the future. What wasn't to love, after-all?

I would also like to give a shout out to my trapeze instructor, Mandy! Today is also her birthday :) Her dedication to trapeze, her contagious tenacity, and her warm and loving spirit help so many athletes every day get better and better on the trapeze. I'm so grateful she's been on my journey at the rig and I wish her all the happiness, excitement, and wonderfulness that come with birthdays! See you tonight :)

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