Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Numbers & Psychology

The marketing position within the C-suite is notorious for fast turnover. Whitler at Forbes describes the position as "The 'Disposable' CMO".

So what is it that sets certain individuals apart? In the words of Rob Malcolm, Executive in Residence at McCombs School of Business, these individuals are "grounded in the numbers and inspired by the psychology." It is the ability to switch between the left-side of their brain (logical, rational, process-oriented) to the right-side of their brand (creative and emotional).

Marketing is moving this way too. Research validates the use of story telling - it is easier to remember, and thus more effective than data alone. (Another example of the shift from rational [data] to emotional [stories].) Some of the best stories that I have seen include Dove and Zales. Watch them below...

These examples both bring the customer along the journey and through the story, tugging on emotions. Really effective, if you ask me. On a [somewhat] related note, Zales made a "Zombies" version of the commercial which I find entertaining.

So you might be asking, what is the takeaway that I'm trying to get at? "grounded in the numbers and inspired by the psychology" ... this is the type of marketer that I hope to be one day.

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