Tuesday, November 20, 2007

classic festivities for the holidays

there's a turkey in the oven, and it's smelling really fine.
with the little turkey napkins on the table where we dine.
but the thing that i just can't believe in any sort of way
is my mom's in the kitchen making turkey shaped pate`

turkey's in the kitchen
turkey's in the hall
turkey's in the toy room
now i've seen it all

turkey's, turkey's every place
oh, my guess is that it must be thanksgiving day!

that's a little turkey day poem my father and i used to recite to each other this time of year, back in the day when i was a little kiddie.

i love the holidays. everybody is in such a good mood, the winter weather starts coming in. now, i'm not much of a cold fan, but i am a snow fan!! i love the snow.. especially as a proscratination tool when i don't feel like studying for finals.

tonight i had dinner with my best friend and her family. thanksgiving came up and we started talking about where we were going and what we would be doing, etc. and then i explained that i had bought my thanksgiving day outfit in august.

yes, august.

well, i got a few confused looks from across the table. my family usually gets dressed up for holidays. the guys wear sweaters (not the corny holiday kind, but the classy half-zip cashmere kind), the girls wear pumps and skirts, etc. it's like a classy holiday, not a corny holiday, which is fine because it works for us. and whatever festiveness we don't cover in our attire, we make up for with our giddy, excited conversations and holiday traditions.

i cannot wait for thursday evening. i hope that the weather is crisp fall weather, in the high 40's and not windy. (but if old man winter decides to come around, i am all for 15 degrees and 2 feet of snow.. only because i adore snow on holidays!!) still, high 40's are ideal for my outfit..
..aubergine diane von furstenberg dress
..not a wrap dress, just a simple wool dress to the knee, with a v-neck cut in front and back.
..and black patent Burberry pumps with a square toe

it's so classic and sophisticated. i've been waiting a very long time to wear it.

so how does your family spend the holidays? festive -- decked out in red and blinking lights and bells?? or classic -- cashmere sweaters and silk skirts??

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