Tuesday, November 27, 2007

gold geometric buttons

hey there fashionistas! i hope your holidays went well.

did you watch the macy's parade last week? i got up to watch a bunch of it with the family, and as ashley tisdale came on to sing "last christmas" i couldn't take my eyes off of her attire. whoever dressed her did a great great job! her hat was uber cute, especially the gold chain matching the gold buttons on her trench coat! the louis vuitton cashmere scarf also gave it a nice finished look. but, i must say, i could not take my eyes off of that coat, it was gorgeous!

also, i couldn't tell what designer it was. the buttons were large, with geometric details, not significant of any designer to the best of my knowledge. but..

on black friday i went to the mall for dinner and some shopping, and as i walked into the new barney's co-op store i was struck by this gorgeous marc by marc jacobs wool trench (in hot pink!) with gold buttons. it was the same coat ms. tisdale had worn at the parade. and, let me tell you, it was just as striking in pink as it was in black.

if you can find this online or get your hands on it, i do believe it is worth every fashionista's penny! it's a great find that will never go out of style. gotta love a classic!

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