Thursday, May 22, 2008

paint them pretty

ciao bellas!! everywhere i look, all i see is pale pink nails and berry bright pink toes. it's all the rage this season. check out your magazines like marie claire, vogue, instyle and look online at don't forget to check out all those pretty painted nails on everybody's fingers and toes!! it's everywhere, it's so feminine, and it's completely flattering.

this summer is a classic. your pale pink nails will work with any flower patterned summer dress (totally in this season). and the berry pink toes are sure to make your summer wedges stand out. my recommendations? For sure; paint those tootsies with OPI "That's Hot! Pink" and combo Essie "Adore-a-ball" and "Sugar Daddy" for your fingers.

looking for a little twist? switch your colors and you're sure to make a statement. that berry pink will really pop on your hands, while a demure pale pink will blend in seemlessly with flip flops on the beach.

my prediction for next year?? a bright orange on the toes and a blush pink on the nails. im trying it out as soon as i get back to new york for the summer. but give it a trial run yourselves and let me know how it goes! try these out: OPI "Brights Power" or OPI "DS Treasure" and OPI "Kiss on the Chic"(it's sure to flatter and pop on everyone!)

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