Thursday, May 15, 2008

surfing the waves via 1950

ciao fashionistas! as memorial day weekend approaches one can't help but notice the plethora of bathing suits that have flooded department stores and boughtiques, alike. upon some internet research (since i cannot walk through saks or bloomies while in Roma) i stumbled upon a surprising repetition of styles for this season.

what a throwback designers have gone for! what i the styles section of the new york times refers to as the 'meet and greet' look.. high waisted bikinis have really made quit a show on runways and in dressing rooms. this retro fifties look is uber sheek, and helps concel any winter pounds you haven't shed yet.

another great line that has also gone hook, line, and sinker.. the full-piece. designers have approached this area of swimwear rather cautiously.. but looking at designs, i have to applaude. they combine classic sheek with sex kitten.

here anne klein successfully portrays a demure cut thats sure to flatter every curve.

and here you can see how le truc works with this retro look on a two-piece

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