Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gracefully Gray

I just love my new polish that i got for this fall. I haven't seen too much of this shade around yet, but I expect to see this color all around, very shortly!

gray... it's fantabulous doubled on your fingers and toes! or you could pair it with that bottle of black you still have.

i just bought the opi color, "you don't know jacques" and it is awesome! i have it on my fingers and toes, at first i was a bit nervous thinking that it may be a bit dark for early september but it's a great transition shade for the season change. my mom pointed out that it may make me look a bit washed out, but it pops rather than blends. i would describe the opi shade as a taupey-gray, almost as if there is a hint of brown. it is just grand!

here are a few pictures of my nails, the quality isn't the best... but in person they are just great!!

i highly suggest purchasing this polish.. it's sure to be a hit on campuses and streets nationwide. ps- better go out and get your quick, i had to go to two places to find a bottle, and i snagged the last one!!

1 comment:

  1. So I went to get a manicure today..and guess which color I chose? You Don't Know Jacques! Thanks to your expertise...its a great fall color!