Tuesday, September 9, 2008

match your hardware

good evening, fashionistas.. i recently received a comment/post that i think it a great topic to cover. especially for those non-fashionista friends and readers that frequent this blog.

if you check out the link above (it will bring you to my high-heel heaven post, almost a year ago) you will see peters inquiry: "what does it mean to 'match one's hardware?'"

well, peter.. (hi, by the way!) ..to explain "match one's hardware" it is best to first define exactly what hardware is. hardware, in the fashion sense of the term, is any metal accessory you are donning. Such as; jewelry, belt buckles, and even metal clasps on a murse/purse (for those of you not aware, a murse is a man purse.. a fairly recent addition to the dictionary actually!) some shoes have little metal clasps or adornments, these would fall into "fashion hardware" as well.

to "match one's hardware," i simply mean that you should wear all hardware of the same color. so if you are wearing silver jewelry and find it necessary to wear a belt, try choosing one with a silver buckle (or without metal). i am actually a huge stickler about this when it comes to purses. i can even get anal to the point where i won't wear a prada bag if i have gold jewelry on why? you got it.. because the prada label is a little silver metal plaque.

now, i know that clashing was in last season so silvers and gold were seen together rather often. but in general, a fashion recommendation (rule's are no fun, they leave no room for imagination and experiment, so if you feel it necessary to pair gold and silver, you go right on ahead!) anyway, a fashion recommendation that i tend to follow is matching my hardware. however, there is wiggle room! pewter. yes, that fantabulous color that really looks as though silver and gold were put together in a blender.. it can go either way! so, if your finances are like most other college students, purchase pewter.. i guarantee that you won't regret it!

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  1. Thank you for clearing that up. Now I have a much better understanding, and I will be conscious of matching my hardware whenever I wear hardware, which, now that I'm thinking about it, is not very often. But when I do, I will try to make it match. Thank you fashion goddess Caitlin!