Thursday, November 6, 2008

disney couture? i don't believe my ears.

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i love thursday's. i always look forward to thurday's because i get to read the styles section from the new york times! it's my favorite section from the periodical.. something to read between classes and something to keep me awake during boring lectures.. oops, did i just say boring?!

did you get a chance to pick up a copy of yesterday's edition? the top headline in styles reads, "disney, by design." i could hardly believe it.. disney, the untouchable media conglomerate who created the masterpieces i grew up with, will now be making couture clothes? i feel like i just fell down a rabbit hole..

sure, large corporations are known to dilly-dally into other markets and disney has done their fair share, from amusement parks to bedding. i don't doubt their accessibility to incredible resources, both personally and materially, however, clothing from disney should not cost more than what can pour out from a child's piggy bank.

disney keeps a tight grip on their brand image and jumps on a law suit at the drop of hat, so why are they loosening the reins now? i don't see the parallelism between wide leg jeans, long sweaters with a cowel neck, and cinderella's ball gown (unless of course you happen to be the ultimate fashionista tween!)

i can't imagine feeling comfortable walking into a formal in a evening dress that bears a label with a pair of ears and a script D. my suggestion? create a new brand within the corporation. disney did this when they jumped into computer animation with pixar. too bad walter is already taken..

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