Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'tis the season for a wise investment

the new york times thursday style section recently summed up this season's trends with such precision i can hardly get it out of my head: "hemlines tend to fall with the economy." so where micro-mini dresses could be be spotted by the legs, i mean numbers, at any party last year expect them to be few and far between this season. simple standard lines are falling and filing in the gap between thighs and knees. to adjust for this extension many fashion houses are using bright colors to stir a little bit of mood into conservative cuts.

bad news bears, i know. but don't give up yet fashionistas, there is hope! with a tighter budget this season invest in two to three staples.. classic looks that can be paired with a mélange of accessories. adding sparkle and flair to your ensemble shouldn't cost a lot or take a lot of time.. try to focus on one statement piece like jewelry, a belt, an over-sized clutch, or a great pair of shoes (may i suggest patent leather??)

notice how banana republic
used a bright pink blend to make the dress pop

their use of solid jewelry makes a statement
and adds flair without going over the top

shoes, sorry hard to see, bright silver ones
carry an envious fashionistas eyes to the floor and back up again

this tadashi dress from nordstrom
is cut perfectly to show off your curves

accessorize with an over-sized clutch in a print or solid
it will add funk and flair to the simplicity of the dress

a bright shoe that sparkles can add color
and carry this dress through all of your holiday parties

happy shopping & happy holidays!

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