Monday, December 3, 2012

december weekend in review

We had a lovely weekend filled with tasty food, great friends, and fun activities! Friday started off with homemade chicken pot pies. There are a number of reasons I love these guys:

  • I had previously not had chicken pot pie
  • I got to use the mini cocottes Ross bought me for my last birthday
  • I used a couple recipes for inspiration but ultimately estimated the amounts of each ingredient to build three mini pot pies. This was one of my first times not following a recipe exactly and it worked out really well! As a result I have so much more confidence in my cooking skills and overall instinct in the kitchen
Chicken Pot Pies pre-bake

After eating our chicken pot pies, fresh out of the oven, we checked out the new ice skating rink in our neighborhood!! It has been two years since I went ice skating and since I did this competitively as a child, it's an activity that brings back so many wonderful memories. I'm glad that Ross was able to share in this experience with me :)

Love my cheetah print blade covers!

Saturday afternoon I finally found some time to  jazz up my nails! I went for a tribal nail art design I had previously seen on pinterest. For the horizontal lines and the V-shape, I used the brush from the polish bottle (Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI and Blanc by Essie as the base). I did use my new nail art brushes to clean up the edges and add the little triangles on the sides. Overall, I was really excited with the output. After finishing my nails Ross and I spent Saturday night with a close friend enjoying some champagne, a wedge of brie, and a selection of pates!! What a gluttonous evening... but worth every calorie!

Sunday afternoon we got together with coworkers for a bottomless tapas and drinks brunch at Boqueria in DC. The Chef's Table (bottomless) is fantastic - the wait staff is on top of everything and have seamless transitions between the plates. The food was so tasty. Per group consensus, the top dishes were scrambled eggs with sausage, mushrooms, and goat cheese; sauteed mushrooms; pancakes; and nutella stuffed churros. If you plan to go with the Chef's Table make sure you arrive at Boqueria hungry and without any further plans to eat for the rest of the day!!

Overall, I'd say it was a wonderful weekend! What a great way to kick off December and the holiday season. Although, waking up to unseasonable warm weather this morning was unusual. Thankfully I got to take advantage of it by wearing a favorite Diane von Furstenberg silk dress. The dress has a vintage feel and an art-deco flair. It's such a fun statement piece, all on its own!

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