Sunday, September 30, 2007

high heel heaven

happy sunday fashionistas! i hope your weekends were enjoyable. i got home today from a weekend trip to philadelphia. yep, that's right! patent leather shoes made an appearance in one of america's finest cities. every time i go to philadelphia i am pleasantly surprised by my endeavors. it was nice to enjoy restaurant week there. and the weather was unbelievable, which made walking through the streets even more pleasant.

i sported my navy patent leather pumps to the city, paired with my wide leg trouser jeans by seven, and my short-sleeve white tory burch blouse. also.. i wore my black leather belt. it was a great clashing hit! comfortable for the drive.. and chic for our nice dinner.

if you can believe it, i have never been to king of prussia. yes, the second largest shopping mall in america. i have heard girls gushing over the stores and going on and on about the endless shopping opportunities within this arena of retailers. my girlfriends and i had plans to make a saturday afternoon shopping trip to the mega-center (unfortunately this did not work out.. boo) to buy a pair of heels for my roommate. note.. these would be the only pair of heels she would own. okay, some girls were born in heels (like myself, over here in high heel heaven.. i'm super tall and i still insist on purchasing 4 inch heels) and others favor the flats (which is fine in the summer months, especially at parties on grassy areas).. either way, i think each co-ed needs a bit of assortment. heels and flats to liven things up a bit. i'm very upset this trip didn't go as planned because every girl needs heels.

back to my roommate.. some of my fashionista crazes have rubbed off on her.. i've gotten her to match her hardware, clash colors, and wear a long necklace (it 's fun.. i get to accessorize her night outfits!) now.. once we get her that pair of heels, we will be in 'heaven'.

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