Wednesday, February 15, 2012

night in review

Tasty homemade appetizers!
Ross and I had a relaxing evening together for Valentine's Day. We kicked things off with a tasty appetizer and a glass of wine. This snack is a twist on one of our favorite flatbreads from the DC restaurant Founding Farmers. From top to bottom you've got;

  • caramelized onions
  • brie cheese
  • gala apple slices
  • fig preserves
  • mini toast cracker

To round out our night we decided to watch a lighthearted film and settled on Rio! We really enjoyed it and had a fun time guessing which actors were doing the voices! While it was on I decided to take advantage of the time and paint my nails. I settled on the water marble nail art method (see DIY post here) in a rainbow of colors... inspired by tonight's trapeze class theme; tie-dye!

Finished product, from thumb to pinkie; pink, orange, green, blue, purple!
A quick snapshot of my supplies... lots of nail polish, jar with water, brushes and more!

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