Wednesday, February 22, 2012

weekend in review

I know this post is super delayed, and I have been trying really hard to stay within the "three to five posts per week" rule but starting on a new project and fighting off a cold/flu thing hasn't left me with a whole lot of extra time. (In addition to building marketing materials for a convention, making my tutu for the trapeze show in 3 weeks, baking homemade chocolates for various groups of people!)

First, let me start by being ultra sappy and say Happy Year-and-a-Half, Ross! :) 18 months ago we officially became a couple. Aww... young love. Okay, I'm done.

Moving on... this past weekend was so much fun! Saturday was Ross' 30th birthday and I had a fun-filled day of adventure planned for us. All Ross knew was that we would be spending the day in Richmond. He didn't learn about our itinerary until he was eating the spinach, swiss, & 'shrooms omelet and hashbrowns I made for him! (PS - if you ever make hashbrowns,  I highly suggest using a mandolin to slice the potato.)

The above birthday card/map was SO well received, Ross has since decided to frame it! It even got over 15 likes from friends on facebook and prompted quite a few reactions in person. While I was making this last week Ross asked me what I was burning at the kitchen sink (the edges of the paper) but I told him "don't worry about it!" Also, this might be applicable to a handful of readers... my friend asked how I managed to make such an elaborate card when we live together? Ross was working at the kitchen table, and I told him "I'm going to make your birthday card now so don't come near me!" :)

The weather forecast for Saturday was a high of 58 degrees (our car's thermometer actually read 61 for a while) and it seemed that everybody else had a similar idea to get out of the city. I-95 South was so crowded it took us about two and a half hours to get to Richmond - a ride that should be less than two hours. On the way we stopped at a rest stop and showcased the Virginia slogan "Virginia is for lovers." - we even shared this on Twitter!!

Our first stop in Richmond was Capital Ale House for beers and lunch, but mostly beers. It was American Micro Brew Saturday which meant all of the domestic draughts were on sale! Ross and I each tried two different beers, one local. The winner for best name was Ross' second choice; "Old Leghumper". Yup, that's right, leg humper.

After lunch and beers we strolled along Canal Walk - a really quaint and pretty path along the canal. The weather was so beautiful, we had a great time soaking it all in. Throughout the day, at each activity, Ross got another birthday card, culminating with his gift in the card at dinner! His card on our walk had a picture of a little Jack Russell Terrier which was appropriate because Ross has a fond affection for my Dad's dog, Zule.  Look how cute the pup is...

We rested up at Shockoe Espresso & Roastery on the slip. This is at the end of canal walk (or the beginning, depending where you start) and there is a cute collection of shops and restaurants. Ross went with coffee and I opted for a mocha which was really rich and delicious. The latte art was a pleasant surprise as well. While at Shockoe we rested up so much I actually fell asleep on the couch! So we went back outside to wake back up and window shop.

After a quick change in the car (I wasn't going to wear fancy clothes all day) we drove over to dinner at Julep's. This is such a divine southern restaurant that I would recommend to anyone and everyone!! The Aunt Ruby martini was simply delicious, and Ross' JLI offered a nice southern twist on the traditional Long Island. The food was all very well prepared and absolutely fantastic. We finished every morsel of each course. Here's our dinner plates; crab cakes on top, roasted duck breast on bottom.

Before we hit the road for the next hour-and-45-minutes I had one last surprise... SLIPPERS! Our feet were very comfortable and warm for the ride home. Much better than 4 inch Jimmy Choos if I say so myself.

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