Friday, February 10, 2012

no heel no hose

In his book "Oh No She Didn't" Clinton Kelly remarks on all of the fashion, trend, and cultural mistakes women commonly make. It's such a fun, light read - you'll laugh out loud, I promise! I got this book as a gift from Ross' mom for Christmas and it's been sitting next to my bed ever since. It's my go-to book for a few quick minutes of light reading before turning out the lights.

Last night's read brought me so much enlightenment, I have to share it with you all here. "No heel? No hose!" Thank you, Clinton Kelly, for finally clarifying the rules of shoes and pantyhose. This point was embedded in his comments about reinforced toe hose with sandals... BIG no-no! Never wear a reinforced toe with open-toe anything. EVER. Although, if you have a peep-toe it is OK to wear pantyhose - as long as it's a pump! If you're rocking a sandal, mule, or slingback... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Here are some examples of yays and nays, a la Google search...

No way, lady!

Negatory! Although, shoes 1 and 4 would work. Numbers 2 and 5 are debatable.
According to Kelly? You betcha. Although this touches on the light shoe dark hose issue I recently posted about!
Here, however, I must plug for one of my FAVORITE products that works around this issue, for the most part; toeless tights. No, not the tights that stop somewhere on your calf or ankle... these have a thong at the bottom to go through your toes like a flip-flop so it covers your foot! I was lucky enough to stumble on a few pairs at Century 21 stores in New Jersey, though I'm sure any department store's hosiery section would keep these in stock.

The seam tend to ride up on my foot so I don't wear them with very strappy sandals because you would see the end of the tights. I prefer to use theses with shoes that cover the top of my foot.


  1. You're right, Lynn... they are weird looking! That's why I prefer to wear them with a shoe that covers the top of my foot. They're really really helpful in the winter when you want to wear a dress and heels/peep-toes!

  2. The thing about not wearing reinforced hose with open toed shoes always seemed like an obvious thing to me - but it's so common to see on women! Love the pics - so funny! I don't know if I could wear the toe-less tights - do they hurt?

  3. Circe, I completely agree!! Makes me laugh every time. The toe-less tights don't hurt at all, you can barely feel them! Almost like wearing a flip flop. -Caitlin