Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my life in pictures a la instagram

My addiction to instagram has increased exponentially over the past month. Every time I do something, go somewhere, or see someone I want to take a picture, crop it, and filter it! I feel like my experience is not complete without an instragram capture. The growth I have seen in the number of my followers and responses just adds fuel to that fire!

So to fill you in on my life for the past two weeks, I share with you my life in pictures, a la instagram! (My instagram user name is cviole if you want to follow me!)

People watching and fashion faux pas at the DMV while waiting for a new license!

My first sake bomb ever! If you live in DC, check out Momiji for happy hour!

Prepping for a stir-fry dinner. Lots of veggies... yumm!

Delicious cocktail that Ross made me! Blueberry vodka and raspberry lemonade!

Training for a Tough Mudder, still on track, surprisingly! Hopefully will be beach ready for Cabo in  6 weeks!!
DIY homemade bowl made from beads. Inspiration a la pinterest!!

Dirt cups for my Oscar-watching party!! Chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies (no cream), and gummy worms! Such a fun snack in just the right size.

Individual crudite cups for Oscar-watching party! Buttermilk Ranch dressing in the bottom was so delish.

Stuffed red pepper for dinner. Thanks to Erin at "I Am Quirky" for sharing the recipe!

Fancy cocktails with square ice cubs and green garnishes from Againn gastropub in DC.

DIY pink ombre manicure. This didn't blend as much as I was anticipating, but the stripes still look cool.
Went to a friend's birthday part at Medieval Times! Was able to fulfill a childhood dream in the process :)

Our new bookends!! Yes, these are our souvenir cups from Medieval Times, ceramic knight heads!

Whole Foods Market = Whole Foods Heaven. I love this place.

Wildflower Honey at Whole Foods Market!

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