Sunday, March 18, 2012

trapeze show

At my last class I gave my trapeze instructors their thank you presents. As a sign of appreciation for all of their support, guidance, and most importantly for sharing their love of trapeze with me. To say thank you I designed and painted an individual silhouette of each of them on the rig. The background of each painting represented their favorite colors and the design was pulled from a photograph I found of them online!! The paintings came out great and my instructors really appreciated them!
Mike Flat.

Brent Catch.

Mandy Sweep.
Since gifting these paintings to Brent, Mike, and Mandy I have decided to sell custom orders! If you or somebody you know is interested, email me at CapturedOnCanvasDC at gmail dot com.

And now it's time for the great reveal...

This past Friday night I had my trapeze performance at TSNY DC. My costume choice was candy dots and I performed (and caught) the Seats Off!

There are two videos I have to share! The first is shot by Lizzie and shared by Brent (catching as the Gingerbread Man!)... thanks so much, both of you! And THANK YOU to Brent for catching this trick with me on Friday evening. The second video was shot by Ross... he was sitting with my Dad, Rosa, and my friends Natalie and Jeff. They were in the first row and had sore necks shortly after the show started, but I think that they really got to enjoy my style in the middle of my trick ;-)

I've previously mentioned that I handmade my costume for the show! When my class decided on Candy for our theme, I did a bunch of research to find a candy that could be easily translated into a costume. As soon as I settled on Candy Dots, I knew I'd have tons of fun putting my get-up together!

My completed costume laid out on the floor. The pink tulle has SO much glitter, I had to lay it out on a sheet.

Close-up of my tutu. I cut white felt into 3" wide strips and used fabric paint  to create the candy dots. With pink, green, and blue tulle I wrapped it around a ribbon then sewed on the felt strips when dry. 

My final costume, post-performance!!
I'm so sad that I won't be in the next IFW but it's time to focus my time and attention on GMAT studying and Tough Mudder training. I'm sure that I'll sign-up for a few classes over the Spring, but I miss flying already. Not to worry, I promise to keep my blog audience up to date on my other daily adventures. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. That was so AWESOME! I love all your creativity. The paintings are fantastic and your costume is amazing. Good luck on the GMAT prep.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I had a great time at the show and was much more calm and collected compared to my last performance. It was also a lot of fun putting together my costume and finishing the paintings... I have two more to come!

  2. I've always wanted to watch a show like this, sadly, I still haven't watch one. I guess the show is really amazing.