Friday, March 23, 2012

week recap and lots to look forward to

Thursday's work outfit. Too soon for a white jacket? Nahh....
This week has been busy, yet fulfilling. I did not have trapeze class :( but I did get to enjoy some lunch from the Cirque Cuisine food truck! They have really flavorful organic options for every diet. I got the pork lettuce wraps (so tender and delicious) but they were also serving up beef, fish, and tofu options. I enjoyed lunch from Cirque Cuisine with my fellow flyer, Sarah, and we got to share a minute of hellos with our instructor Mandy! (I just love how close the staff and friends of TSNY are!!) Follow Cirque Cuisine on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with their daily locations!

Photo courtesy of @CirqueCuisine

I was lucky enough to update my nails done twice this week!! On Sunday night I painted a cute take on the french manicure with a neutral base (Topless and Barefoot by Essie) and rainbow tips. It was super cute and fairly understated compared to my previous nail art adventures. Unfortunately it started to chip pretty quickly so by Tuesday night I took it off and was able to finish a pink-peach-coral ombre manicure while studying for the GMAT. Highlight this week: Wednesday morning in the elevator a lady commented, "You must have gotten your nails done last night!" I responded, "Yes, I did them last night." "YOU did those?! They look great!" Well, let me tell you, having a perfect stranger telling me my nails looked professional just about made my week!

Wednesday night I actually had a work event which involved trivia! My team won... thanks to our token Trivia star, Adam. It was really close for a while, we lost a lot of points in the second round, but we came back strong by wagering the maximum amount of points (20) on the final bonus question; "What is the most popular cookie consumed in China?" (It's the Oreo!) Also, for those of you who did not know, the Olympic flame represents the fire stolen from Zeus (by Prometheus). A dromedary camel has one hump (compared to the bactrian which has two)! And the Q in Q-tip stands for Quality. 

Ross and I got a new Everyday magazine by Martha Stewart which meant lots of new recipes to try. We actually ate really healthy this week, lots of chicken and vegetables!! Some dinners included; Cream of Mushroom Soup (without the cream!), Chicken Tacos (from the crockpot! Add chicken breasts to a jar of salsa and a packet of taco seasoning, and you'll have the most flavorful shredded chicken for your tacos!),  Baked Chicken Nuggets and Italian Fries, and Sauteed Vegetables with a Pasta Salad. That last dinner was VERY green, as you can see below...

And to end a great week I have an even more exciting weekend to look forward to!! Tonight Ross and I are going to Surfside for dinner. He raves about it all the time so I'm excited to finally give it a try. Tomorrow I will be decorating cookies with Tracey! She is so unbelievably talented, I'm beyond excited for my lesson from her :) Prosecco will be on hand as well (of course!). Saturday night I'm planning to stay home and paint my nails in a HUNGER GAMES theme!! Seriously. I kid you not! I'm so excited to do this, I'm like a 5 year old child on line for the ferris wheel. Each finger nail will represent a District, the Capitol, or the Mockingjay. Obviously I had to cut some - but you'll just have to wait until they're done for more info. Sunday I get to look forward to brunch, The Hunger Games, and a pedicure party with one of my college roommates. Seriously - this sounds like the best weekend ever!! Happy Friday, everyone!

Just LOOK at these cookies!! Tracey is so talented. Can't wait to learn from best :)

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