Friday, August 26, 2011

hunker down

Have you heard? There's a hurricane coming.

Of course you've heard. This is the biggest news since, like, Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries.

But then again I was in the elevator at work just the other day when a coworker asked in surprise, "Kim Kardashian got married?" Umm... hello, didn't you hear? It happened a few days before the rebels broke into Tripoli and took over Ghaddafi's compound. But then again, the consumer of the latter news is likely not tuned into the former news despite the "most popular" links on CNN or MSNBC.

Back to the hurricane... Miss Irene.

I decided to hop over to the supermarket for some last minute items just in case we actually lose power this weekend. More importantly, we had no booze in the house (with the exception of one Dogfish Head r'aison d'etre which is so potent, I'd swear it's spiked). So with a six-pack and some bottles of wine in mind I headed out to the grocery store. What did I come across? Oh, the last parking spot in the deck... nabbed the last shopping cart... spotted a handful of cops chilling by the door to maintain crowd control... and yes, long lines at the checkout counters. But then, I spotted this gem! How ironic that the reusable shopping bags Harris Teeter has on the ends of each aisle are none other than Hurricanes?!

And boy was it true - these long lines at the checkout proved that in fact, Hurricane fans (or preparing residents. Whatever, semantics.) do shop at Harris Teeter for their groceries. Thanks for clarifying.

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