Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Creative Side Reemerges

I'm not sure if I get inspired by those around me, or it's just a feeling inside that ebbs and flows, but whatever it is - my creative juices are back, and they feel GREAT! Not only have I relaunched my blog, I am also tweeting again, and painting again!

When painting I prefer to paint photographs... these can be images I come across while online or photographs I have taken myself. Last winter I finished a painting for my boyfriend's birthday (although it arrived a little late!) - a favorite photo of his was one he took while visiting Amsterdam two years ago. This is now resting on the top of our bookshelves in our living/dining room.

Last weekend I was a little bored (first weekend in a LONG time without concrete social plans) so I decided to paint... I had previously purchased three small canvases, about 4x6 - maybe a little smaller - in hopes to create a series of paintings, but the mood had yet to strike. I'll admit - I cannot force myself to paint, I must be inspired. So while this is a hobby I enjoy, it is not a hobby I can do all the time. That being said... here is a painting I completed in about 90 minutes, start to finish. Pretty happy with it, although the colors aren't quite as bright as the photograph, shown next to the painting.

Next up is to finish the other two canvases with other photographs I took at the Botanical Gardens... I'm leaning towards the two shown below...

I guess this also makes the argument that I like to capture photographs... add that to the list too :)

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