Thursday, January 12, 2012

trend-spotting and trend-setting

The tagline for my blog used to read "..trend-spotting and trend-setting" before I updated it to "'s all about me!" But I'd like to take some time to go back in time, talk about the trend-setting part and focus on a new trend I'm on a mission to start; dark tights and light shoes.

Well, it was a new trend in my eyes... but a quick Google search shows it's actually a combination many fashion bloggers have been contemplating for quite some time. Some of these posts date back to 2010!

I have got to say, I'm with the Daily Diva's POV from a year ago "We love it, and it's a great way to add a pop of color to a dark wintery wardrobe." This is probably why I had no problem leaving the house with brown tights and light beige/taupe Gucci shoes. The tights complement the G's on my pumps so I think that it works.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Love it or leave it??


  1. As long as you follow the two out of three rule, I think its great!
    With your tights and leggings, I'd pair either a chocolate or taupe skirt to complement.

  2. I did this once - navy blue tights with tan patten leather pumps. I thought it was cute. Angela and Heather gave me the idea. It made my new shoes really stand out!

  3. Oh, and I should add that I was wearing a dress with both colors.

  4. Great reminder about the "two out of three rule"! I think it would look great with a chocolate or taupe skirt. Yesterday I had on a navy skirt and my top was lighter than usual - looking back it may have been too much.

    Morgs - that sounds really really cute!!