Wednesday, December 7, 2011

au pied du cochon

Au Pied du Cochon literally means "the foot of the pig". Almost everything on the menu consists of pig snout, knuckles, head, or tail - you name it, they serve it! While I'm open to new foods, like escargot, pig tail is a little much for my taste, which is likely why I did not hear one word of English at the restaurant. There was at least Italian and French, but with all the talking (the restaurant was full with a long line of waiting patrons) I could hardly pick out one language form the other.

They offer a complimentary aperitif which I declined for a small carafe of beaujolais (red wine) instead. The baguette is served with a pork fat butter. Seriously. I tried it, it was rich and flavorful, but I had no interest in eating another bite of it. (Side note - I just said "si" to my waiter instead of "oui" there's that Italian that keeps popping up!)

The famous onion soup was delicious. They use a lot more cheese than in the U.S. I actually used my butter knife to go after it. It was a nice big bowl and so tasty. I could go back for another one right now.

For my entree selection I went with a specialty; pork cutlet. It was served with a potato casserole on the side but given the calories (and cheese) I already consumed I only had a few bites. The pork was served with a brown sauce I'm convinced included some type of pork fat to add to the flavor. The cutlets were thin, pan-fried and served with soft onions. A very traditional French meal.

No dessert tonight, too much food already! But a tea sounds nice - ooh, they serve it with a chocolate! Don't mind if I do.

Tomorrow night I have a party in the Louvre. Yes, a party in the Louvre. Yes, that Louvre. I'm so glad I packed a dress!!

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