Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LeWeb day one

I feel that the most precise way to describe my day is to direct you to my Twitter feed (!/LadyXVII).
For those folks not on Twitter yet, the stream is in reverse chronological order with my most recent post on top. If there’s an “at symbol” - @ - I am tagging a person’s name or talking to them. If you see a hashtag - # - I’m categorizing my conversation. Most will have #leweb or #leweb11.
The schedule of speakers, for the most part, was interesting and educational! Those that stick out include;
  • Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel
    • “Personally I promote nothing at all, except being me.”
    • “The easiest thing for me to sketch is myself.” – which he did! On one of his 30 or 40 iPads – he goes through them like sketchbooks - and carries them in a case with his 4 iPhones, a handful of iPods - labeled for date of music upload.
    • “Life will teach you.”
    • “I’m down to earth, just not this earth.”
    • “I know there are more important things in life than fashion, but since we don’t run around naked maybe we should care a little bit about fashion.”
    • We got a preview of a movie he shot for Chanel. Tres chic!
  • Eric Schmidt from Google
    • "If you don’t like the image you see in the mirror don’t break the mirror fix the image problem"
    • On the Egyptian crisis – “Facebook organized, Twitter got people out, and YouTube recorded results”
    • “If you care about security use Chrome. The fact that it’s faster shouldn't matter.”
  • Joanna from Facebook
    • “Sampling is a successful technique for brands to reach out to fans on Facebook. Examples include Nespresso and Burberry.”
  • TaskRabbit – an app that lets you post an ad for basically anything! (e.g., picking up dry cleaning) Apparently the most common task across their network is assembling Ikea furniture!!
LinkedIn was also there. I don’t remember their interview being all that engaging, but I do know that one of life’s greatest mysteries has been solved!! I was always bothered that people type the company name with a capital I, “LinkedIn”. However, the logo has it with a lowercase i, “Linkedin” but the “in” sits within a blue box. For the longest time I thought everybody was writing it wrong – the logo has a lowercase i so that must be the way to type it as well! However, I was wrong. There was a piece of marketing material from LinkedIn in our LeWeb drawstring backpacks and they do indeed spell it out LinkedIn although it doesn’t agree with the logo.

Tomorrow I’m most looking forward to Evernote’s presentation. From those in the know, I hear they’ve got some hot news! Which reminds me, Facebook is developing a new plug-in to follow updates from any other site right in your news feed! Facebook, your one-stop shop. It’s what Mark Zuckerberg always dreamed of!

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