Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas nails

So I have been a slacking blog author - my apologies for the delays in posts!! December has been quite a hectic month. I have been busy every evening since I got back from Paris and spent last weekend out of town. There's been cooking, baking, wrapping, and oh yes, sleeping too!
Last night I updated my nails to get more in a festive mood. I knew what I would do for my accent nail - but I was befuddled about the other four nails per hand. Ross suggested a dark green. But then I thought maybe I'd add a green glitter on the edges... no, that would be too much. Maybe white nails? That would complement my accent. But, no... too dull.
{Photo editing courtesy of ColorSplash!}

I finally settled on going with a neutral Deborah Lippmann polish. My pinkies are done in Cherry Red by Maybelline (this polish is about 5 years old, but still in good condition because I rarely use it!). For the accent I used my thin french manicure brush/polish. It still wasn't right. Then I remembered a silver polish I purchased a few months ago. It really doesn't cover completely so I can't use it as a tip accent but for this it's totally perfect! Sparkly & Festive!

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