Friday, December 9, 2011

LeWeb day two debrief

The tone of the day was a lot less salesy than Day One, a welcomed change.  Though, keynote speakers were less impressive today.

Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) from Altimeter Group gave a great presentation on "the state of social business." He provided a number of relevant examples including Dell's certification course, McKinsey research, and Chatter software.

I quite enjoyed learning that (@airbnb) started with a group of guys who couldn't make rent so they rented the air mattress on their living room floor to a traveler. Hence, "air bed" and breakfast became airbnb.

There was also a lot of exposure to Evernote (@plibin and @Evernote). This is an intuitive software that talks to your macs, PCs, iPhones, etc. and keeps track of your notes. You can create folders for topics, tag your notes, and take pictures. When you go back to reference your notes it will aggregate similar ones. Evernote also launched two new apps this week; food and hello. Food focuses on taking pictures, tagging the people your with, recording the date, and writing a note about your review. You can even set it up to remind you that there's a milkshake you like nearby when you happen to be in the vicinity of the restaurant! I really like the Hello app. It's a mosaic of people you meet with a photo that rotates between four pictures taken consecutively when you collect their info. I'm certainly excited about the opportunities Evernote will open up for me personally and professionally.

LinkedIn hosted a panel discussion but the moderator was so terrible I could barely concentrate. She was scripted, awkward, and really unprepared, I s embarrassed for her.

The esteemed Bill Gross (@bill_gross) shared his 20 lessons learned from being an entrepreneur.  This was a really insightful presentation that a lot of folks have already covered on blogs. I'm sure you can find one if you Google it! Some of the stand-out lessons, for me, include 2. Master the Demo... Being as prepared as possible to sell your product and 3. Pursue Your Passion... Especially online, authenticity and passion are integral to success!

Day 3 has a focus on enterprise, something I'm quite looking forward to! More to come soon. Au revoir!

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