Thursday, December 1, 2011

bonjour paris!

Note: I am currently agitated with the Blogger software. During my commute home yesterday I wrote this post and it was great. My tone of voice was spot on... you know, one of those write-ups that has the perfect bit of sarcasm? And then my iPhone Blogger app lost it. It's not a draft. It's not on my iPhone. It's not in my web account. Needless to say, I'm very irritated. However, I still have the major issue of picking out shoes for Paris so I wrote it again and please please comment!


I leave for Paris in just two days. When I booked this trip back in September, I thought the day would never arrive, now it's almost here!! When I studied abroad in college I chose not to visit Paris because I was convinced the opportunity would arise later in life. Alas, said opportunity is here!!

I have been mentally scanning my closet to select the most appropriate attire for Paris. After all, I will have those fashionably acute, judgmental French eyes staring at me. My mental suitcase currently consists of blouses, sweaters, silk scarves, blazers, peggings (pant leggings - these are awesome!) and then I get to shoes... oh man, I am stumped!! I have rain boots, sneakers, Merrells, Sperry waterproof winter boots with a wedge, and Frye motorcycle boots...

What I really need (okay, "want") for a cold and wet December in Paris is riding boots! Particularly a pair in black and luggage. Then I went on an online mission to find a pair. I came across a "keeper" at DSW and put them in my cart when my common (better?) senses kicked in... did I want to spend that money on shoes or did I want to spend that money IN Paris?! I did not end up purchases the boots. But now I'm left with a conundrum... what do I wear for my three touring days?!

I'm favoring my motorcycle boots for the more muddy ventures (e.g., the Eiffel Tower) and my winter boots with a wedge for the more sophisticated atmospheres (e.g., Champs d'Elysses).

But, I ask you this blog readers... what shoes do I pack for Paris?

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  1. Those Sperry's are cute Caitlin! I have a Kate Spade pair that's similar that I need to break in this winter. I like both your riding boots and Sperrys...tough choice! Is just packing one an option and changing up the outfit? If it's raining over there the Sperry's might be better. Ah I know that probably didn't help but good luck! I can't wait to see pix :)

    <3 Adrienne