Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A recent episode of Iron Chef America inspired me to make a new shape of pasta. I never thought that I could make bowtie pasta since most little pastas (not the string/spaghetti types) require machinery that I do not have. However, when Iron Chef featured "pasta" as the secret ingredient, I was instantly glued to the TV and pleasantly surprised about halfway through when I saw a sous chef assembling bowtie pasta; it was a lot simpler than I expected.

I tried to articulate the process to a few people, but ultimately they were confused. So, I decided to illustrate the process and I believe it is much more clear with both words and pictures. See below!

Although my bowties were different sizes, they were a lot of fun to make and eat. I would recommend a  lot of flour on the countertop if you try this shape. I had problems with the dough sticking more than usual, which may have been a result of the humid and rainy weather. In the end, I had to throw out a lot of dough.

Look how adorable these bowtie pastas are! I let them dry on cooling racks for a few hours. They cooked in about 6 minutes in salted boiling water.

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