Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hurricane productivity

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my fiance and I got to spend some quality time at home together, in between the emails and conference calls from our couch! And, I took full advantage of this unexpected free time. Including painting my nails to coordinate with my halloween costume; Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, due to shipping delays (also thanks, but not really, to Hurricane Sandy) the "Girl on Fire"/second half of my costume is not complete. And thus, I'm sticking with her arena attire. At least my nails are glittery! (Pictures to follow.)
Popovers fresh out of the oven!
Tuesday brought out my inner domestic goddess. I woke up and instantly decided that I was ready to bake. A quick web search resulted in some promising popover recipes! I opted for this recipe which I found on Authentic Suburban Gourmet because it is the traditional Neiman Marcus recipe (which I love - you must try their popovers if you haven't yet!) and it has no butter (yay for cutting down on saturated fats). Please note, you don't have to have a popover pan, you can achieve the same look using a traditional muffin tin, they will just be a little more stout. That's what I did.

And while I expected to follow up the popovers with some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I opted to take a few hours break from the kitchen and returned around 5 pm to make a before-dinner snack. Toasts with toppings are by far one of my favorite finger foods! I'm pretty much willing to try any combination of ingredients. Here are some toasts topped with (in no particular order): gruyere cheese, fuji apple slices, fig preserves, and slightly burnt and crispy caramelized onions.
Started a new painting and prematurely grabbed my new koozie with my new initials!
But my favorite at-home activity was putting together some lined envelopes and stamped notecards! I was inspired to do this months ago when I saw Emily's post on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It wasn't until recently, though, that I treated myself to a glue pen (for easy glitter application) and stumbled upon some blank stationery. So, with the three cards and envelopes I found, I went to work using the leftover scrapbook paper originally rationed for my birthday party decorations.

Take an envelope, and cut a piece of paper to fit about half an inch from each edge.
 For the picture above, I used our glass balcony door to help with the see-through effect and lining up the edges. I also folded the "template" in half so that when I cut it, each side would be even. Also - you only need your liner to be a little longer than the bottom of the triangle cut in the envelope.

Use your template and trace the shape on the back of your liner paper.
Once you cut out your liners, slip them into an envelope and see how they look! Also, hold the liner in place with your fingers and close the envelope. This will create a crease right int he liner and help keep it in place while you glue it down. Use a glue stick for adhesive. I found that keeping the liner in the envelope was easiest, fold it at the crease and push it down a little. Add a bit of glue directly on the envelop at the crease and then on the triangle of the liner. Unfold and press into place.

Some tools I used to add a little something special to the cards. The glue pen is new!

So, I need a little stamping practice. But here's the finished look!
I am so happy with how these turned out!! Now I just need a reason to send them... Hmm. Also, let me know if you want any :) Happy to make more for friends.

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