Friday, October 26, 2012

The Journey to Flying Out Of Lines: Part 1 of Many

One of my many goals in flying trapeze is flying "Out Of Lines" or "OOL" - this refers to flying without a harness. (Don't worry, Mom, of course there is still a safety net beneath me.) The journey to reaching this milestone is a long one which requires a lot of training, focus, and commitment. It certainly helps to have an amazing group of folks consistently supporting your growth and helping you get back up when you (metaphorically) fall.

The first step towards OOL is acquiring a "Log Book" from my school; Trapeze School New York (TSNY DC). I got my log book almost a year ago! The book teaches students about the equipment and includes a number of forms to track ones accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Flying Trapeze Skills
  • Trampoline Skills
  • Conditioning Requirements
Outside of these three physical areas, there is also a written test about the equipment and requirements on the board. This last part refers to hooking up your fellow students when they are getting ready to fly, serving them the bar, and retrieving the bar and lines while standing on the board. 

This past week I had hoped to complete my conditioning requirements which includes; three pull-ups, 15 push-ups, and two sets of 10 V-ups. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish my test, as my body started to give out when I was four V-ups short of the requirement. This was a hard reality to swallow because I was SO close and I had done twenty V-ups before. But in the end, it was safety and rationality that prevailed. When my legs were shaking and pulsating uncontrollably as I lifted them off the ground, I knew it was time to rest. Thankfully it won't delay my journey because I have so many other requirements to meet before the day comes when I can fly without lines. 

What are the next steps in my plan? Next week I'll be taking the written test. And the week after I'll be going for the fitness test again!! (Gives me plenty of time to continue working on my V-ups.) 


  1. we should video all the girls doing pull ups and send it to them. humph.

    good luck on your journey, ill be on the same one soon, once i get the logbook that i ordered a few months ago..haha

  2. Anna - I agree!

    Good luck to you as well. Hope to see you at the rig soon :)