Sunday, October 14, 2012

return to the bar

My forceout in hands to get more height before catching the return bar.
I caught the return bar! What amazes me is that as I review my video, there are no instructors calling each step. Rather, I am naturally and instinctively moving from segment to segment as a result of my body's aerial awareness and rigorous training. The feeling of my first catch is something I couldn't prepare for. I had been "working a return" for almost two months (not a long time in trapeze!) and all of a sudden, I pushed off the catcher, turned, and there it was, the bar was waiting for me. It was a feeling of surprise, elation, and pride. This is such a big step in a flyer's journey at the rig and it has opened so many new doors for me!

So, what's up next? Now, that I can return to the bar, I will be working on my remount to the board. This entails performing my trick, catching the catcher, returning to the bar, and dropping my feet up onto the board and standing up again! Just like you see in the circus. Another important milestone not too far off is flying out of lines. This means flying without a safety belt - not to worry, the net is always there! There are a number of requirements to fly out of lines including a written test, flying requirements, physical requirements, and trampoline skills. I always expected that the most difficult piece of these requirements and the last piece that I would check-off would be the three unassisted pull-ups. To my surprise, I was able to do three pull-ups last week! Looks like flying out of lines will be coming sooner than I thought!


  1. congrats!
    hope to do the same soon!

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