Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas cards

I can't believe I forgot to put this up last month!! (Paris, NJ, preparing for Christmas... you know this by now!) But better late than never to share our Christmas card! This is my third year doing a semi-homemade card for friends and family. (BTW, my Mom still writes my name on the signature of her cards... something tells me that habit won't change anytime soon, especially since my brother who is 4.5 years older is on there as well!)

Ross and I didn't want to send out a photograph so I drew out a design I found via google.  It was in black and white so I changed it to more accurately depict a tree with red ornaments and a gold star on top! We were really happy with the finished product from Shutterfly -- and so were the recipients! My aunt has told me on more than one occasion... you should get into the business and design cards!

Last year I put together "12 Days of Christmas, DC Style" complete with three branches of government, two political parties, one White House... you get the idea! And before that it was Merry Christmas y'all from my new home in Atlanta. I must go digging for pictures...

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